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My new toy

My first pocket pc phone edition! It is soo cool. I got it last week at the local cingular store. It was the only one in the area and they weren't supposed to sell this one. :D I bought it under the condition that i could return it within 30 days for a full refund. I really wasn't sure if it could replace my ipaq 2215. The only things i really miss are the CF slot and nevo. With 128mb of ram and 64mb of rom i just don't know what to do! My ipaq only has 64 mb of ram and 32 mb of rom. I have everything i had installed on my ipaq in main memory of the internal file store and still have unbelievable amounts of memory left.
The US model of this phone does not have the built in camera like the PDA2K, or XDAIIs versions do. That was a major disappointment at first. Until i did some shopping and concluded that the $300-400 price difference was worth not having a 0.3 mp camera built in. I think i am going to order the Veo traveler 130s SD camera. I looked around for i…

When you gotta go...

Umm... well, yeah.

World of Warcrack

Well, Alastria and I got WOW at midnight the day it was released. That marked the end of everything else in the world. :)
I think it has actually gotten to the point of addiction. We need to find a support group. It's to the point that I dream the game now. :(
It's not like we had lots of free time before but now we for go sleep to get a fix. :)
Oh well, it's the best game I've ever played. Heard it was breaking all kinds of sales records. Kinda makes ya feel a bit sorry for EQ II. But not too much. ;)

So if you've been wanting to play it, DO IT! :D If you ever want to do anything else with your life.. I'd wait.

WOW open beta!

Soo cool! Alastria and I got in on the World of Warcraft open beta! So if any one else out there is, we are on central time zone test 5 server.
Gotta go play now! :D

Firefox 1.0 is out! Come and get it!

What more do you need to know? Firefoz 1.0 was released this morning. The server load is crazy but I toughed it out and got mine. There were a few issues with 3rd party plugins being compatable but all but 2 were updated before the first run of the app! Very nice!

Now where's a payphone when you need one?

Just know if you ever get lost in the middle of Lake Victoria in Africa you are not that far away from a payphone! ;)

I hadn't heard about these yet but they are now putting in wireless GSM payphones. This one is also solar powered! Very nice. :D

Transformer hit McDonald's Happy Meal in Europe!

Ooo! More Transformers toys(yeah and My Little Pony too)! Don't know when they'll hit the US buit no I can get some cool Happy Meal toys since Alastria got to collect all those cool Hello Kitty toys. ;) hehe she'll probably want the Ponies too but that's ok. :D

Just what we need, another excuse to eat at Mcdonalds!

Today's odd hobby is...

Meet Mr. Hank Magwood, he LOVES flattening things.
Have you ever wanted to see what a silver tea pot would look like after being run over by an excavator? Well wait no more! That's right, that's what Hank does! He flattens things. Check out his website Hank Makes It
He has lots of picture of things that he has flattened and even some videos of him in action. Go check it out! :)

月曜日の日記 - へいせい十六ねん、十月十一日

せんしょうはたいへんでした。 しごとでたくさんうちあわせがありました。 こんしょうもたくさんうちあわせがあります。 せんしょうは日本語のテストありました。 せんしょうまつはブランソンに行きました。 私はあたらしいぼうしをかいました。 やすかったです。 すきです。 今しごとにもどります。 こんばんにねます。


今昼ごはんを食べています。 今日日本のテストがあって、勉強していますから。 一時半に打合せに行きます。 四時半に日本語のクラスに行きます。 今日はたいへんです。

Nintendo DS goodness...

Well the more I hear about the new Nintendo DS the more I like it. We all know that it will have wireless in it and that you can network game with that way. But now we learn that one machine can act as a game server and beam the game to the other players! So no more having to buy 4 coppies of Mario Cart just to have any fun! Also the new DS will support other content downloads. i.e. when you walk be your local gammer store our can download the demo of a new game!

Oh and if you go see the next Pokiemon movie you will be able to download additional characters for your game!

Geez... looks like I might have to upgrade my GBSP sooner than I thought. Now if I can just convince all my friends.. *evil grin*

AT&T plus others to carry HTC Blue Angle

Looks as if the really spiffy new HTC PPCPE will be hitting the states after all! Nice! This is one of the new PPCs I've been thinking about. There is also supposed to be another version comming out in the next few months with a 520 MHz processor and a 1.3 MP camera.

So many choices, soo little money. ;)

Motorola MPX220 showing up at Best Buy

Best Buy for some strange reason has exclusive sales rights to the new Moto MPX220 smart phone. So they are going to sell it for Cingular before Cingular does... Anyway, the point is that it is showing up in stores! And current rumor is that it is unlocked as well! Dunno but that'd be cool.

So I guess this means I'm going to Best Buy tonight. ;)

Google via SMS

Well you knew it would happen eventually. Now you can search Google from your mobile phone. But it's not what you think, not via the phone's web browser but via SMS. Yep, just send your message to GOOGL (46645) with say, the work pizza and a zip code. Google responds with a text message listing the pizza places in that zip code!
Check out the link for further instructions. There is even a pocket sized pdf with quick tips on it.

What is Google SMS?
Google SMS (Short Message Service) enables you to easily get precise answers to specialized queries from your mobile phone or device. Send your query as a text message and get phone book listings, dictionary definitions, product prices and more. Just text. No links. No web pages. Simply the answers you're looking to find.

Trick Anything!

Trick Anything specializes in the customization of your most cherished possessions. By expanding our medium to include anything that can be sanded, painted and mechanically tweaked, we have successfully awakened the trickster in all of our clients.

Yes these guys will trick out anything you got, from your ride to your throne! LOL Check out the pilot episode... Nice...

What a day...

Well, we got up this morning and got ready to go eat breakfast. I poped the hatch to my car to load our stuff in the back then shut the hatch with my keys still in the drain tray... :( So thanks to Alastria we called GM roadside assistance and got it unlocked in no time. However when I was running to the front of the hotel to get the address I dropped my nice new Motorola v600... It shattered the external display... The good side is everything else still works but with a bluetooth headset I actually used the external display more than the main one. :( plus there goes my $300 phone down the drain...
During all this my parents walked over to BK to grab us some breakfast. There was a nice picknick table out behind the motel so they plopped down then over they went food and all. Turns out the table is a true safty hazard. One person sitting is enough to flip it over... Not good.

But! I did finaly get my new exhaust installed!

It sounds amazing. I'm soooo glad I got it.
So to…

Live at Fun Fest 2004!

Well, here we are at the 2004 Corvette Fun Fest! Man, what a parking lot...

There are thousands of people and there Corvettes here, tech siminars, food, music, food, lots of vendors, oh, and did I mention the food? ;)

There are even quite a few new 2005 Vettes here.

Oh and I also ordered new exhaust for my car, the'll be installing it tomorrow at 14:00! I'll take some pictures and post them. Maybe I'll even try out audio blogger so you can hear it too. :)

HooWaah! The DS cometh!

Image is taking preorders for the new Nintendo DS! Order now for a mear $199.82 USD and it is supposed to ship on 11/30/04. :) An I just got a GBASP...

Nintendo's latest innovation, code-named Nintendo DS, provides users with a unique game-play experience using features never before offered by any other home console or hand-held game system. This portable personal entertainment and communications unit provides new perspectives on dual screens, new control using both touch and voice, and new connections with 2 kinds of wireless gameplay

OOooOO! It isn't a protable game cube yet but it has better graphics than the N64! It uses a new card slot for the new games but also has a slot that will accept GBA games! Although it will not play GB or GBC games. No biggy though. I don't have any of those games. :) There is even the potential of linking your GBA game to a new DS game just like we do now with GBA and cube. That might be cool, plus you won't have to buy t…

Busy busy busy...

Well, the St. Louis Japanese festival was a blast! Alastria and I met two other friends there. The Missouri Botanical Garden was amazing, I hadn't been there since I was 4...
We also did loads of shopping. We found a few of the new transformers, Downshift, Towline, and the repainted Omnicons/Terrorcons. Also Circuit City has decided to no longer carry the new Motorola Bluetooth head set and conveniently clearance it! So I picked on of those up along with the iBiz CF radio, which was also clearanced!

The Springfield sister cities Japanese Fall Festival was ok. The garden was somewhat unkempt, kinda disappointing.

The Ozarks Celebration Festival was nice. We didn't stay for very long though. Alastria bought me a really cool ring while I was not paying attention. (Silly Girl!) It is really cool, completely hand made with gold and silver wire.

She's sooo sweet! ;)

I'm off for vacation as of this Thursday until Monday! So we're off to the 2004 Corvette Fun Fest

Sushi Shades

Have you ever been out on a nice sunny day and stoped for sushi only to drop your chopstick in the gutter? Well these shades are for you. Now you can simply pull the ear pieces of and go to town... ? Yeah.. that's right, these are sun glasses that you tear apart and use for chopsticks. Why? umm.. good question.

Missouri Botanical Garden's Japanese Festival 2004

And we're off with the start of all the fall festivals! Our first big one is the Japanese Festival in St. Loius at the botanical gargens. Three days of fun and relaxation away from work!

The Kansas City Renaissance Festival also starts this weekend. Hopefully we'll get to that maybe the last week in Sept. and maybe again in Oct.

Then next weekend there is another Japanese festival in Springfield at the Japanese Stroll Garden, as well as the Ozarks Celebtation Festival. Plus we are going to Alastria's parents for dinner that weekend... Ohh soo busy. :D

The week after that is the 2004 Corvette Funfest in Effingham, IL. It's gonna be loads of fun. It is usually the biggest Corvette gathering in the world. Now I just gotta find time to wash my vette... ;)

My perfect job

Anthropologist helps Intel see the world through customers' eyes

If there were any job in the world that was custom made for me this would have to be it. My degree is in anthropology, I love studying Asian cultures, and I am, of course, a big computer and mobile electronic (pocket pc/mobile phone) geek, plus my current job is computer support for a university.

This is exactly what I had hoped to do some day. My idea was for a study on how technology is used differently by different age groups in Japan.

Who knows, if this study is popular enough it may open some nice doors for geeky anthropologists like myself! :)

Really ticked at your old computer?

At Some Point, we all want to kick our computer

At, we take it a step (a big one) further.

For around $100, you will receive a digital video recording of your computer or small appliance being obliterated using the latest in Concussive Computer Catastrophe Technology..
That's right folks, don't smack that monitor one more time, don't stub your toe kicking your CPU, BLOW IT UP!!! :D

Be sure to check out the demo video. :)

Got a dirty desk?

The Hello Kitty Desktop Vacuum Cleaner: because odds are your desk is filthy mess and you’ve been holding out for something perfectly kawaii to clean it with.
Just one more crazy thing out of Japan.
Now if this baby would clean my desk with out my intervention like the Roomba vac then I might like one. But as it is I mainly poststed about this for Alastria's sake... ;)

Video of the new PSP

Here is an article about the new Playstation portable (PSP) with specs and a video! GT4 looks amazing, it is hard to believe it is running on a hand held system. It will be interesting to see what this will do to the gamming world.
I've also heard some things about the next Gameboy. Dual screens one of them touch sensetive. Could be cool. I'm not real big on console game systems but I do love portable electronics! :)

Here is a link strait to the video. Follow the post link for full text.


Ahhh.. Finaly a new ガンダム series to watch other than that mobile fighter joke. I was at Best Buy yesterday and picked up the limited edition ガンダムシード box set. It comes with the vol.1 DVD and the sound track. Plus I also have a box to put the rest of the DVDs in when I get them! I hope to have time to watch it soon. Alastria hasn't seen any of the ガンダム series'. We just started the original. Of course we also just started the first ドラゴンバル series. It's great! I had not seen it before. So I guess we'll finish that first. You just gotta love anime.

トランスフォマ everywhere! has three new Transformers Alternators in stock, Hound, Tracks, and Silverstreak.

I really want Tracks, especially since he looks just like my car! Hopefully they'll be out in stores soon! :)

So many トランスフォマ so little money...

New Transformers at Target!

Target has some of the new transformers stuff in. They had Omega Supreme, the Optimus Prime Energon Blaster, and Megatron Energon Sword.
There was a picture of Shockblast on the bottom of Omega Supreme's box so he should be out soon.

Now if I just had an extra $50 to waste on Omega Supreme...

Greetings from the world's largest McDonalds

Well, we survived. Stopped at the worlds largest McDonalds for some ice-cream. It actually spans I-44. This is a shot from were we were sitting and watching the cars zoom under us.
The trip was a blast. We had loads of fun Saturday night at the reggae fest, got cool T-shirts and a hat. We had dinner at the spaghetti warehouse, cool building, great food.

The zoo was great. The have one of the better great ape exhibits I've seen. They've actually had 2 baby western lowland gorillas born in the last 7 months, got some nice video thanks to Alas digging out her old camera. :)

It was pretty cool that most of the McDonalds along the way had wifi access, for a price of course. It really becomes less cool when you have unlimited GPRS data but it would have been great if I needed to make any VOIP calls or video call.
Pocket Streets made things soo much easier. We never really had to worry about finding anything we wanted, most everything was in the Pocket Streets database. Still…

On the road to OK...

Well, we're off. After a bit of breakfast we hit the road.
Now this is what I call multi-tasking. I took this pic with my phone then bluetoothed it to my pocket pc. Then I connected through GPRS via bluetooth and ftped the pic up then posted this. All while listening to Prince's Musicology from the ppc via a tape adapter to the car stereo. Never even skipped the music! :D

Now comes the long ride. I'll keep ya posted if anything interesting happens. Unless Alastria kills us with her dangerous "cruise control in heavy traffic" problem. :-o

Going to Oklahoma City this weekend!

Ahhh.. vacation... errr at least something different. :)
Alastria and I are off to Oklahoma City this weekend. Our original reason for going was the zoo. But thanks to the internet we now have all kinds of reasons to go! :D

I first located all the Comp USAs and Toys R Us' in the area (Alastria's idea) then went to google something fun for the weekend. The best resouce was the Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau'sweb site. They some history and all the top local attractions. Of course there is way more to see than we could ever get done in 2. So the main events will be of course the zoo and 9th Annual Bricktown Reggae Fest! Yah man!! It's just happened to be the weekend we are going. Soo cool!

Alastria got the hotel room over the net as well. I have, of course, marked all the locations on Pocket Streets 2002 on my PPC. (I'm still trying to convince Alas that we need a bluetooth GPS reciever)

So thanks to mobile technology (my PPC and mobile p…

Wanna buy a boat? :)

Year: 1953
Current Price: US$ 6,450,000
Located in Cruising
Hull Material: Steel
Engine/Fuel Type: Single Other
YW# 56530-1169128

This air craft carrier has been refitted in 1960,1980,1987 1993 and 1998 and is operational. Please contact us for the specifications of the vessel.

Umm.. well ok... Anyone got 6.5 mil i could borrow?

If you've ever wanted to impress the guys at the lodge now's the time.
I wonder if it comes with the guns still mounted? Man... What would you do if you had one of those? wow....

New ipaq rz 1715 at Circuit City!

I'm standing at CC right now looking at this. It's the one of the new ipaqs announced just today, the hp ipaq rz 1715 mobile media companion.
I find it most interesting that it is called a mobile media companion and not a pocket pc. And more so that they say media yet it only has 25 mb user accessible memory.
I'm still trying to find a "customer service representative" to assist me. :) It is a very base model which I will not buy but I just wanna hold it. ;)

Eternal Lands, free MMORPG

This is a game that Alastria and I used to play a lot when we had trouble getting EQ to work over dialup. It is not super advanced but it is fun to play. I hadn't played it in a very long time so I thought I would pop in to see how things were going... Well appearantly the servers crashed yesterday and all data was lost... including all character data!! eep! Jakuren died!! Or at least went to that giant bit bucket in the sky. I recreated him so I would at least get the name back. I guess the question now is, do I play the game again and try to get back to where I was? Dunno.. I really don't have time to play the games I pay for now... So maybe not. But at least I got my name back and can log in and chat now.
Oh well, I think all my stuff was gone except the character stats since they revamped the whole system. So I only lost my exp and lvls.

If you are in need of a fun MMORPG to play check it out.

Portrait Illustration Maker - Let's make an original icon!!

Look at what Alastria found.
It allows you to choose all kinda of image parts then generates a composite image for you to download.

It's really cool. I used it to make me, as you can see in my profile info. I'm actually quite pleased with the resemblance... sort of. :)

I made a bunch with different backgrounds and hands/objects. So I'll change it around every once in a while.

Welcome to!!

Buuyaah!!! The new domain is up and running! I got the site moved over and the busted stuff fixed, tweaked my email client, and consolidated all my old email accounts to one with aliases for the old ones.
I've also started the horrid chore of updating my email address on every website I have ever logged into... :( Man that part suck. But I think I got the important ones, bank, credit cards, cingular, and those pesky student loans... I guess i will worry about fixing the rest as they come in to the old account. Except the spam of course. :)

So now its onwards and upwards with my own www!!!

"Hold on to you butts."

Cleaned up around here

Aaaahh.. much better. I deleted all the random test posts that were cluttering things up. Makes the place look a lot nicer.

Also I have purchased my own domain name. So with in the next few days I'll be moving to

Not that anyone has ever seen my blog in any of its three locations... ;)

I got a great deal on hosting through Check it out if you want a www of your very own. :)

Moved servers

Well I moved this blogger version of batcave from batcave to blackhole. I mostly did it to see how easy it would be. It's pretty easy.. :)

Now just to decide which blog to actually use... :(


Mobile blog tests

Well email blogging works just fine.
I found a nifty little program for my ppc that allows me to add and edit blog entires offline. It does not allow you to delete current entries nor put a subject/title on the post. (as you can see from the test post bellow)
The program itself takes up quite a bit of space too. So the only thing i would use it for would be to edit existing posts on the go. It probably isn't going to be worth the waste of ppc memory.

Spoffed my blog on blogger!

Well I managed to pretty much duplicate my personal blog on blogger. Had to spend a bit with the blogger template trying to get it adapted to my CSS and figure out some of the strange blogger code. But all in all i'm pretty impressed. There are alot of cool tools and additional services that might actually make blogger easier to use than my own blog. And it is definatly more portable. Just log in to blogger and change the server you want it published to. Pretty amazing.

So now the question is, do I use blogger as my primary blog or use the one i sepent hours and hours setting up (includes server setup)?

Oh well, i'll worry about it later. Gotta get to work now.