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One shall stand...

It seems like no more than a handful of months are allowed to pass before we are presented with yet another Optimus Prime toy. Be it from a new movie, new cartoon, or the latest video game, there is always an Optimus on the shelf. Not that this situation is a bad situation to be in, being an Optimus Prime fan and all. However, as with all things quantity does not always equal quality... (I'm looking at you, Cyberverse.) Every once in awhile though... A Prime to best all Primes lands on store shelves. Enter Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege Optimus Prime. Yeah... That's a lot of words for one toy. Siege Optimus, like all of the other characters in the line, is a very faithful throwback to his original G1 robot mode with a slightly modified Cybertronian vehicle mode. The robot modes are where the Siege line really shines. Everyone is very well articulated and looks exactly like you would expect a G1 character to look. We all know the original G1 toys looke