Going to Oklahoma City this weekend!

Ahhh.. vacation... errr at least something different. :)
Alastria and I are off to Oklahoma City this weekend. Our original reason for going was the zoo. But thanks to the internet we now have all kinds of reasons to go! :D

I first located all the Comp USAs and Toys R Us' in the area (Alastria's idea) then went to google something fun for the weekend. The best resouce was the Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau'sweb site. They some history and all the top local attractions. Of course there is way more to see than we could ever get done in 2. So the main events will be of course the zoo and 9th Annual Bricktown Reggae Fest! Yah man!! It's just happened to be the weekend we are going. Soo cool!

Alastria got the hotel room over the net as well. I have, of course, marked all the locations on Pocket Streets 2002 on my PPC. (I'm still trying to convince Alas that we need a bluetooth GPS reciever)

So thanks to mobile technology (my PPC and mobile phone) I'll be able to post this weekend. Stay tuned! :D


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