My new toy

My first pocket pc phone edition! It is soo cool. I got it last week at the local cingular store. It was the only one in the area and they weren't supposed to sell this one. :D I bought it under the condition that i could return it within 30 days for a full refund. I really wasn't sure if it could replace my ipaq 2215. The only things i really miss are the CF slot and nevo. With 128mb of ram and 64mb of rom i just don't know what to do! My ipaq only has 64 mb of ram and 32 mb of rom. I have everything i had installed on my ipaq in main memory of the internal file store and still have unbelievable amounts of memory left.
The US model of this phone does not have the built in camera like the PDA2K, or XDAIIs versions do. That was a major disappointment at first. Until i did some shopping and concluded that the $300-400 price difference was worth not having a 0.3 mp camera built in. I think i am going to order the Veo traveler 130s SD camera. I looked around for it today and it is getting hard to find. they may have stopped making it. But it will work with MS portrait so that's what i want. :) I found it at dell for $78 but it will be 3+ weeks before it ships. Amazon doesn't even have it anymore. You can get it through their marketplace from some guy in new jersey...
But i figure $80 is cheaper than $400 any way you put it. Plus it will be a 1.3 mp camera with adjustable focus.
So i guess it looks like i will be keeping my new sx66. :) Now if i can just turn loose of my 2215 Alastria will be very happy. ;)


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