Greetings from the world's largest McDonalds

World's largest McDonalds

Well, we survived. Stopped at the worlds largest McDonalds for some ice-cream. It actually spans I-44. This is a shot from were we were sitting and watching the cars zoom under us.
The trip was a blast. We had loads of fun Saturday night at the reggae fest, got cool T-shirts and a hat. We had dinner at the spaghetti warehouse, cool building, great food.

Grooming Jr

The zoo was great. The have one of the better great ape exhibits I've seen. They've actually had 2 baby western lowland gorillas born in the last 7 months, got some nice video thanks to Alas digging out her old camera. :)

It was pretty cool that most of the McDonalds along the way had wifi access, for a price of course. It really becomes less cool when you have unlimited GPRS data but it would have been great if I needed to make any VOIP calls or video call.
Pocket Streets made things soo much easier. We never really had to worry about finding anything we wanted, most everything was in the Pocket Streets database. Still wish I has GPS though... maybe some day. :)


Anonymous said…
This is NOT the world's largest McD's.....sorry
Jason Lee said…
Ok, well it used to be. ;) It didn't really seem all that big to me when we got there. :) So maye the largest one in the US? Or at least in OK. hehe..

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