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Oh, why not...


Mmmm.. Tacos.

In today's issue we head a little south of the border...

Oh noes... Busted Bat-taco...

This is why I can't stand a fanboy...

A friend recently linked this article on twitter so I thought I'd give it a read.
I was expecting a logical, well though out argument about how Apple has drastically changed the mobile phone industry in the United States...

That wasn't what I got.

As I read on I thought he proceeded to mock the anti Apple folks, you know, the haters with out provocation? Well deserved, they should be mocked. People who rail on something without getting their facts strait (regardless of their views) need to be set strait.
After a few more paragraphs I assumed I would start to see the logic and reasoning of the cleverly crafted article... It never happened... What I got instead was a completely biased and inaccurate list of things that only Apple themselves could do.

So, lets look at the list shall we? (I'll add my comments below each numbered entry.)

1. Carriers ruled the industry with an iron fist
(True, but only in the United States. Anyone with any will or knowledge could easily acquire…

Batman says...

Did you ever think it would be funny to hear something said in the "Batman voice"? You know... Something that you would probably never hear Batman say.

Maybe I should do more of these... Dunno.. We'll see.

*remember to read it in your best Batman voice. :)

Yo JoeCon!

Saturday we are headed out to Kansas City to our first ever G.I. Joe convention. I don't know if it will be half as cool as BotCon but I am very excited.Good news is that it isn't all that far from home so if it sucks not a huge wasted trip. :)Check it out:

Sure Ninjas rock...

But some times you just gotta face the facts...

So much to say...

And so little time...

So many things I am thinking about today and no time to ramble on about them...
Can't cram it all into 140 characters. ;)

Twikini version 1.0 released!

The entire reason I started using Twitter if the first place was to have an excuse to play with the many clients available for Windows Mobile. I have a thing for good software. :)

After quite some time I thought I had finally settled on a Twitter client for my phone... Until I saw a news post about this great new Twitter client called Twikini. I'll admit, the name put me off a bit at first but it looked nice and claimed to be fast (which my current Twitter client was far from) so I gave it a try.
Having only used Twikini for a day I was convinced. It was FAST and just had that feel of really well written software. It was a joy to use.

Twikini's feature set is truly amazing, there are far too many to go into here but I'll touch on a few I really like.

Inline display of Twitpic pictures!
This is a great feature and a true time saver. Most of the time a quick thumbnail view is all you really need to get the gist of someone's Twitpic post. For those times when you need more …

Shipping overkill?

We recently purchased 25 refurbished Cisco switches from a company. One of them was defective so we returned it or another one.
Well, that one arrived today in this box...

That's just nuts... ;)

Ah! There is something in there!

All this box for a single switch??! Umm, ok...

Spring hath sprung...

Yes, spring is here. At least today anyway. Frakin screwy weather...
I had a nice drive home from work todat with the top off the car. Then helped the wife finish off mowing the yard for the first time this year.

Looks like rain and maybe sleet over the next few days though... Least we got one nice day. :)

Go Go Sparkle Monkey!!

So this is what Alastria comes home with yesterday. He should make a nice addition to my desk. :)

He looks really cool if you turn out the light and shake him real good. :D

Spam fail.

I got this spam mail today and just had to share...
It is a rather nice spam form letter but it appears that someone actually forgot to populate the form fields. :D

So, if you ever wondered what uncooked spam (mail) looks like here you go. ;)

Spam FAIL!!

The little tree that could.

Over the last 2 years the wonderful ice storms we had have all but destroyed the trees in our front yard. One we completely cut down to the ground and the other we kinda just left. We tried to cut it down but the wood was too hard for the chainsaw we had.

But that really didn't seem to matter to the trees. :)
The one cut to the gound looks more like a bush now and the shattered stump? Well, you can see how it is doing above. :)

Look to the future...

Tee hee...


Haha. Love it. :)

Which way do we go George...?

Two days ago... 70. Now? Two and a half inches of snow... *unintelligible babbling noises*

Ahh, February...

Near 70 in February... Nice. Too bad I didn't have yesterday off work... Oh well. Nothing like workin on the car in the rain...



Network archaeologist...

Wow.. looky what we found. :)

snow pics

took these the other night and never got around to posting them.

The beginning of the end: ice storm 2009

here we go again...

In January!?!

are you kidding me?

How to know you've married a geek...

When your wife sends you this picture titled "i has a fibinocci!!"...

Security fail...

So the entire reason we drove all the way to Joplin was to buy Alastria a new laptop. The Best Buy in Springfield didn't have any in stock. But Joplin did.As an added bonus it turned out to be $250 cheaper than we anticipated! So as we are checking out the computer asks the lady to call the credit company. I expected as much. Large amount of money and in the next town over I also received a txt message and an email at the same instant from the credit company saying for me to call them immediately.Weird...Anyway, turn out that my card number might have been stolen recently in a hacking incident and they had a close watch on the account. After they verified it was actually me the allowed the transaction and asked if they could close the account and express me a new card... Umm... Ok. Probably for the best but now I've gotta change a whole lot of online billing. Hehe. Oh wells. Nice to know they are looking out for me... Well, actually covering their own ass... But sav…


Just a friendly reminder about in which part of the country we live...

Only at Walmart...

Turtle power!

ZOMG! Totally awesome, dude!
25th anniversary turtles. Totally repacked in the original package! Kowabunga, dude!!

anti virus fail @target

lol oops. shouldn't have pluggd that infected flash drive in. :)

mmm... cake.

... add 2 sticks, yellow highlighter. Bake 2 hours at 250 degrees...

New Year sushi party

I've been meaning to post these for days now. Here are a few pics from our New year party. Such a nice looking setup. :)