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The aftermath...

Drunken Tupper Ware party or the wife cleaning out the fridge? The world may never know...

Dunno why I thought this was funny but... The sink was empty when I left for work. :)

Taco Smell?

So, we found out the hard way that our toaster oven and taco shells don't seem to get alone all that well...



The tree

I posted this the other day but blogger decided to not actually post it. I don't remember what I said and I am busy right now so here is the picture. :P

Down for the count.

It is is official, folks! We no longer have any trees in the front yard... At least not any trees standing the proper direction. ;)
I'll post a beter picture in the morning.

Another fine mess...

I woke up this morning to the sounds of rolling thunder and the flashes of lightning through my window. And yet it wasn't rain falling... Well, some of it was but it froze on contact. Waves of freezing rain, sleet, and snow pelted us though most of the morning and nove in and out sporadicaly throughout the day.

The good new... Work was canceled. :)

Yeah... more weather...

I know... I REEEEEALLY need to find something better to post about... But this weather continues to boggle the mind. So humid today... Ugh.

This place is messed up...

I forgo to post this yesterday. This was the scene Friday... It will be 70 degrees with thunderstorms by monday...