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The blog is dead. Long live the blog!

A few months ago I dusted off this blog which I had not touched since 2011. The reason?
I was prompted by an article written by Mike Elgan about how famed podcaster and internet host Leo Laporte was dropping social media all together. No Facebook, no Twitter, not even an Instagram. Leo retreated to the safety and security of his own blogs. A world totally under his control.

That got me thinking about my terribly limited use of social media (i.e Google+) and why I even bother using it. My engagement on the once flourishing Google+ had all but dried up. I really only communicate regularly with three or four people on the platform these days.

All of this lead me to examine the reasons I still bother to post anything to Google+ and the answers were pretty simple.
The primary use? To share photos of our travels and grandpuppy with our family.
The others? To read the news and to share and converse about things that I like and that matter to me.

Then came the announcement that Google had de…

After 32 years they have finally arrived...

In 1986 McDonald's released what might have been the greatest Happy Meal toys ever created.
Jim Henson's Muppet Babies.

They were just as awesome as the cartoon and twice as fun! :)
They were the perfect size to fit into about anything we wanted to play with. They fit in the seats of most G.I. Joe vehicles and yet were small enough to be used as Monopoly pieces. We constructed all sorts of Lego vehicles and houses for them and created endless adventures for them in the backyard. (Yes, children in the 1980's played outside.) They went with us on trips and hide in our pockets to school. Possibly the best toys I even had.

Flash forward to 2018, 32 years later.

Today I found the first Muppet Baby figures created since the spectacular originals! Of course I had to buy them. :)
They are a line of toys based off a new DIsney Junior show that isn't half bad. It's nowhere near as awesome as the original but still very fun to watch.

The first wave includes Kermit, Fozzie, Pi…