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Guild Site and Forums

I took the time at lunch yesterday to thow togather a website for my WoW guild, Istari. I found some really cool forums called Snitz . If you are looking for something like phpbb but can only use asp you should check it out.

Hard drive is fine

Finally got to the toasted PC. The hard drive was perfectly fine even through all the fire and water. Most of the computer looks ok... except for the parallel and vga cables being melted together... :)

Recovering data from a burnt pc

An electrical fire in a user's office. Not sure of the exact cause yet but after the inspectors come I get to see if I can recover any data from the pc. Could be interesting. There are still pools of water on the floor.

I HATE $ony!

I'm sure you've heard about a few of $ony's lastest atempts to keep you from using the stuff you buy from them. If not start here... I'm to irritated to even talk about it. I will never, eeever, buy anthing $ony agian. No music, no game, no hardware. Nothing.

WoW patch day

The 1.7 patch was released to day for World of Warcraft. As such I have updated all of my UI mods. Quest Text Fade has been marked as obsolete as it is now an option to disable the text fade in the default UI. I have also removed the same code from my Multi Mod. I will eventually remove the Quest Text Fade download all togather after I'm sure I like how the new option works. :) I will also be updating my UI Mod pack after I do some tweaking at home.
We're in KC this weekend for the Irish fest and the renfest. So far the Irish fest has been pretty uneventful. Not much to do really except listen to music and drink beer. Oh, and even the fountains are green... hehe

I have a friend who is hiking from mexico to canada. (yeah, he's nuts) He has his old mobile phone which will work as GSM or TDMA so he has some kind of coverage almost everywhere. He is also keeping an online journal as he travels, usually involves stoping somewhere along the way, snail-mailing then to a family member to put up or through his mobile phone. I don't thing he even tried the phone. Doubt he has data service most places. I'm not sure how he stumbled upon this device but the idea is pretty cool and perfect for his situation. The pocket mail device is like a really simple handhelp pda. It has some basic pim stuff and email. The cool part is how it sends and recieves email. You type all your email when ever and respond and all that then send/recievce when ever you can. Through any phone. No, not dialup.. It works more like a fax machine. There is a speaker and a fold out mic on the back of the device that you place aginst the phone and it beeps whistles

Almost there...

We should be boarding any minute now. The last leg on our flight home. If all goes as planned we will touch down around 11:30ish. Then home and sleep half the day tomorrow. :)

Last day recap

I never got time to post about what we did on our last day in Boston. After Ashlea got of work we headed down to the science center. It was really cool. There were tons of hands on experiments and exhibits. I got to build a car and see how fast it would race down a hill, play with lasers and mirrors, flash our shadows on to a wall, watch a lady play with electricity, play with optical illusions... The place was huge. We didn’t actually get through all of it before it closed. After that we went back down town for dinner and last minute shopping. Since they blew up London yesterday all security is on high alert. They would make announcements on the subway every few minutes telling you to watch out for strange people or unattended packages and report them immediately to an official. The airport was full of gaurds and police. Even the cleaning staff were walking around everywhere keeping an eye out. It may have been wores because we took off from the same terminal where the internationa

Headed home.

well, off we go. We're on the plain now getting ready to head to Minneapolis. I'll have more time there.

Vacation delayed due to rain...

Boy, when it rains in Boston it sure rains. :) 3 inches so far. It was raining when we got up this morning but only sprinkling when we set out. We went to the Peabody museum on Harvard's campus. It is the oldest anthropological museum in the United States. It's not just limited to that. There is also a huge natural history section. They have hundreds of plants, animals and minerals on display. Even dinosaur bones and meteorites. So even though we got soaked walking to lunch we just had to grin and bear it... ;) Speaking of lunch, we ate at Bartley's, yet another of Boston's world famous placed to eat. It is a burger joint with burgers over an inch thick. That's just the meat... All of the burgers are named after famous people like the Dick Channey or the Janet Jackson. I had the Mr. Jack Bartley, a basic bacon cheese burger. I remember seeing this place on one of those PBS food travel shows.

Harvard Day

Well today we spent most of the day wondering around Harvard. It's kinda cool to be at a school that is about 120 or more years older than the Unites States. Some of the buildings there were from the late 1600's! We went all over Harvard square, to shops and the bookstore. Lots of cool places. We went to this chocolate place and the girls had, well, bacically liquid chocolate. Havard Square is bacically a little city of it's own with everything a college student needs. Plus lots of cool old building for me to look at. We had lunch at a very yuppie wraps & smoothies place. Pretty good, funny people. I think we're gonna go see a movie tonight, Japanese thing that will never make it to theaters at home.


They're cool on tv but they're soo much cooler when you can feel every one of them. We were so close I have ash and stuff in my hair. wow...

Running Around

Well, we had the high speed tour of the city and it's historic sights. We had sea food at the no name restaurant and this is the view from the front of the aquarium. Time for food then the fireworks.

Old and New

This city is a crazy mix of old and new. 200+ year old churches right next to the skyscraper. Oh, and less than 5 minutes off the subway Alastria's feet hurt... This is gonna be a long trip.

Above the clouds

It looks so strange to be above the clouds. It was also very strange to see fireworks over Boston as we were landing. Even the big ones were just little poofs. :) Well, were off now. Should have some pictures of the ground soon.


Well my new gps works on the plane. At least once any way. Notice the speed and altitude. :D

On the Ground in Boston

Well, we made it. The plane just touched down in Boston. More later.

Up Up and Away

Well, we got to the airport way to early. But after a long wait our ride is finally here. We're on our way to Boston!

Google Earth

Wow. This has to be one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. It is a globe. But it is made of satalite images! I can see my truck parked infront of my house! It will render 3d terrain, 3d buildings for some cities, borders, roads, dining, lodging, whole POI database, works with GPS, it will grab demographic data and lay over the map, weather, crime rates... This program is amazing! I've played with it way too much today and haven't even begain to get to all the features. If you have a few hours go check it out.

mblog test

blogger mobile mms blog test

Cybertron toys in stock and shipping!

Amazon/Toys R have two of the new Transformers Cybertron toys in and shipping. Vector Prime Crumplezone I really want to order Vector Prime. Usually they toys show up in the store very soon after hitting the web site. So I'm gonna try to wait. ;) I'll have to hit every Target and Toys R Us I can get to in Boston next week. LOL Update: Scratch that. Some time between when I looked this morning and this afternoon all 12 of the first line are now in stock and shipping!!!

Getting ready for Boston

Alastria and I are going to Boston to visit her friend for a week. We fly out this Sunday so we will be there in time for the huge six day 4th party! Should be pretty cool. Will also be my first time flying. :) I just need to figure out what gadgets I need and which power cables to take. :D This will be a Pocket PC only trip. So far I've got: Pocket PC phone, Siemens sx66 Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard Stowaway Bluetooth mouse Veo 1.3MP SD camera Bluetooth GPS USB sd card reader for emergency data exchange ;) Moto Bluetooth headset Extra SD card loaded with music (ebooks, games and maps are on the main card) Power cords for all Which brings me to the question, will there be power outlets on the plane? If there are I would guess the lighter kind like in your car and not the wall type. But we are flying cheep so probably none. :) So do I bother taking car chargers for everything or just the wall chargers? I guess I'll take my Gameboy SP just in case

GPS works well.

After playing with the new gps for a few days I'm very happy I got it. It works very well. The navigation is fast and acurate, the software has a great interface and lots of options. I'm also very impresed with the maps. We took it on a trip to the middle of nowhere to visit Alastria's parents and it knew exactly how to get to their house just from the address. Down a county road and two forest service roads! All on the map! Very nice. I highly recommend this hardware and software to anyone looking to buy gps.

Well, I've ordered it. Bluetooth GPS

I place my order today. Shouls ship in 2-3 days. I payed the extra $8 to have it overnighted just to make sure it is here before our trip to Boston. It will be a great chance to play with it. It comes with a free vent mount but i'm not exactly sure it will work with the vents in my 1969 El Camino... LOL So I also opted for the windshield mount arm. Besides the vents are always the first thing to break on a car. I really don't want to hang my phone/ppc from the vent in the Corvette either. :) So the extra $9.99 will be well worth it. I'll let you know how it goes after i get it and get to play with it a bit. :D YAY!!! Update: ok.. The 2-3 days to ship turned out to be more like 2-3 hours. hehe... So it may be here as soon as tomorrow. :D

Great... Another Game

Well Alastria picked up Guild Wars this weekend. Gave it a try. So far I think I like it. It is no were near as cool as WoW but there is no monthly fee. It will give us something to play with if we have a board of WoW weekend. :) It is mostly an online pvp gave that has a bit for RPG to it. We'll see how long the RPG part can keep me interested.

ギャラクシーコンボイ aka: Cybertron Optimus Prime

OOOOOOOH! He's up for pre-order! So, do I order now and find it in a store here before it arrives? Or do I hope to find it in a store here and not see it until three months after it is released? I just don't know. ;) Now if I could just find some トランスフォマギャラクシーフォース DVDs on ebay I'd be set. :D

Bluetooth GPS

I've always wanted a GPS navigation system. There are just so many choices. I obviously want one that works with my pocket pc so that helped narrow things down a bit, but not much. :) Well now I've finaly decided on what hardware and software I want... Now just to decide how bad I need it. ;) $250 is cheep for bluetooth GPS and software for the desktop and pocket pc, but it is still a little pricy. How often am I really gonna use this thing? Really want it though. ;)

WoW Modding!

Well, I've played World of Warcraft long enough to realize I would like a few things a bit different than Blizzard has them. My friend Kugnar had several mods that I could not live without. So I started reading through his code to see how the heck to make these UI mod things. ;) My first one was very simple, kinda pitiful actually. :D For a second attempt I took the three of his mods that I could not live without and merged them all into one mod with mine! I'm learning! So stay tuned. Maybe I'll figure out what to do next. Not sure what else I would like different. There is a mod for almost everything you could ever want. I don't really need/want to recreate the wheel...

What is my alignment?

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Off we go again

Well we're off to St. Louis for a friends wedding. I thought I was finally gonna get to go to a wedding and not have to be in it... or not. :) So now I get to be an usher. Not that I mind but I have never been to a wedding that I wasn't part of. I guess that just means i've got lots of good friends. :) Alas and I are gonna stay for an extra day and goof off. If I see anything cool or get that bored i'll post about it.

Happy Valentine's day!


3D map GPS navigation in Japan

Wow, here is an article about Sony's new GPS navigation systems recently released in Japan. Check out some of the screen shots! It has 3D maps with real buildings and for those paying advertisers your logo is on the building. I also doubles and a portable media player for pictures, audio, and video as well as for email and web though a wireless connection. It has usb and CF, car mounts and a docking cradle. This thing is pretty cool. Oh, and of course it runs linux as most new cool gadgets from Japan seem to do. An interesting trend.

Look what i found this morning

Hey first of january and it finally snowed here! It's not much and it will all be gone by tomorrow but cool anyway. :) Oh and it will be 60 deg by Sunday..... Gotta love Missouri weather. /shrug