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Dad strikes again

Leave town for a week and look what happens... ;)



Shit! They're loose!



Experiments in primate tool use... :D

Last stop, St. Louis zoo

This should be the last stop before we head home from our trip. More pics to come.


We hit the museum at the Indianapolis Moter Speedway and took the track tour. Took LOTS of pictures. Pretty cool stuff.

C-ya Cincinnati

It was a blast. Now it's off to Indianapolis for a trip to the Speedway museum!

Toy Display Pics


Some Botcon pics


Random city pics


botcon costumes

Here are a few of the cool bot costumes.

Places to go things to zoo

Today we spent the entire day at the zoo. It was pretty cool. The Cincinnati zoo is the second oldest zoo in the country. Neat place.

Animated toy pics

Ok, finally getting around to posting these. Bumblebee Cybertron mode Optimus Prime (which I had to open) Prowl Lockdown Cybertron mode Megatron Bulkhead Starscream Optimus vs Megatron with DVD More pictures to come.. When I get time. :D

New Incredible Hulk movie toys

Kmart had the new Hulk movie toys. Not all that impressive but not bad. I'll probably get the actionless one eventually.

Transformers Animated toys everywhere!

Toys R Us, Walmart, and Kmart all have the first wave of the new TF Animated toys. They are pretty sparce but they did stock them just for this convention. The rest of the world will not see these toys until late July... :( Sooooooooo glad we came. :D I did notice that a few of the dealers were hitting these stores and buying everything they could find, bringing it to the show, and charging double the price. That I did not approve of. I made sure to tell everyone I saw looking for these that the local stores actually have them.

What a day.

So yeah... I never got around to posting again today. :) Botcon was just too overwhelming. The huge line actually moved pretty fast. Of course, I may have not ben paying too much attention to it. I have never seen this many crazy Transformers fans in one spot. It was totally unbelievable. The people all seemed very nice. Total strangers were willing to start up a conversation with you or share information or what ever. All because of the power of Transformers. :) I find it funny sometimes how certain things can bring total strangers so close together. Most of my "con" experience has been Star Trek related and I usually enjoy a similar sensation there. But this... It some how seemed much more. I must say that I think people are more passionate about Transformers than Star Trek. Of course that may very well have something to do with the renewed popularity of Transformers. Star Trek really hasn't been that big for some time now. Honestly, there are bigger B

Cincinnati chili?

Yep. Cincinnati chili. I had no idea.. I was wondering why there were so many chili joins around. So we looked it up. The Wikipedia article is prety interesting, Greek origins and all that. Over all... Very tasty. It was totally different than any chili I've ever had. Much runnier, more like a sause. The traditional way it served over spagetti noodles with butt loads of cheese or on short little conies. Anyway, check the article for more details. mmmmmm... Goooood stuff!


This is the line... We are standing in it now. Time 10:25. I'll let you know when we get in. lol


WOW!! So after we got the hotel straightened out and had some dinner we decided to try to hit a few stores before they close. Stupid timezone chabge put us an hour behind... So we drove to the nearest Toys R Us, now a Deals store.. Doh. So from there it was off to the nearest Target. No luck there. Raced back to Big K with 8 minutes to spare. Nope. Then over to the Walmart across the street. Thre he was. Transformers Animated Bulkhead! They had 3 of him but nothing else.. But that was ok, at least I know they really are out. But wait.. I walked past pallets of boxes on the way down the isle.. YES! The had the deluxe and voyager classes as well as the DVD two pack! I got them all! Deluxe Optimus Prime, Prowl, Bumblebee, and Lockdown. Voyager Bulkhead, Starscream, and Cybertron mode Megatron. Plus the DVD two pack. Soooooo awsome! I'll post pictures later. We are having breakfast right now then off to Botcon!

We made it

We're here.. Long story short... Motel was HELL hole.. Got your money back and went down to the Drury Inn where we have to pay a lot more but at least we know what we get. And I feel safe that my car won't be stripped by morning... Now to eat my Big Boy burger...

Stop number 1

We stoped for lunch at BK in Fenton and just as we walked into the front door it starts pooring down rain... :( Of course our coats are in the car. hehe...

Early release

I got off work one day early so the trip begins today! Official destination: Botcon 2008 I've wanted to go to Botcon for years but it is always so far away. This year it is in Cincinnati, much closer than it has been recently anyway. :) After the con we plan to hit the zoo, which is is the second oldest zoo in the country. On the way back I think we will hit the Indianapolis Moter Speedway museum and maybe the zoo there and then possibly a stop in St. Louis before we get home. So stay tuned for lots of picture!

The loot part 2

1. New Iron Man movie toy. Iron Man mark II. And a brand new remake of the Cobra twins from the new GI Joe remake line. 2. Ok... This one is just weird. There was one vendor that had tons of old toys (most of wich I already had) for $2 or 3 for $5. I just happened to stumble across these 3. The three toys I never got from a TV show I loved loooooong ago. Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys. It was $5.. come on.... ;) Oh and at the top in the center there is a cool little GI Joe 2-pack with the very original Snake Eyes and Scarlett with new paint jobs. I will have to get pictures of Alastria's Battlestar toys up here soon.