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Flaming Sushi!!

ooooo... Pretty.

Lucky trip to Joplin

Awsome finds. I am one of maybe 3 people in the state to have found these new jets! Alastria found that the Target in Joplin had "limited" stock so she called and asked if they would hold us one of each while we drove down. Glad she did because that was all they had when we got there. Also found the super rare HISS tank while we were down there. Bonus!

The new habit... er I mean hobby.

I, like many others, loved G.I. Joe as a kid. I had G.I. Joe around a full 2 to 3 years before Transformers came out. And they were cheap, comparatively speaking. Needless to say I had a lot of years invested in playing G.I. Joe and a fair ammount of toys. Mostly figures as they vehicles were much more expensive. So a year or so ago when I first saw the new 25th anniversary line launched I thought they were prety cool but didn't get any. After time I decided to pickeup a few of my favorites, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. I never opened them as they seemed really hard to find. Noting that I did buy a few more of my favorite characters over time but no where near all of them. Then something happened. I had opened Snake Eyes that came with Timber some time ago and thought it was pretty cool but eeh. For some reason I decided to open a few more of them. I mean, what is the point of buying toys if you aren't going to play with them? That makes you a "collector"

What a busy weekend...

It happens on this weekend every year. What happens you ask? EVERYTHING!!! Well, ok. Everything that I ever want to see in this town. :) The Japanese Fall Festival, Blues Fest, and the Ozarks Celebration Festival. All at the same time. We usually skip the Blues fest because it is so expensive and really requires you to dedicate an entire day to it alone. We always manage to hit the other two festivals though. Fortunately this year the Blues fest moved to a new location and i could hear it pretty well from our house. Nice. hehe. But for now the Blues, Bluegrass and Japanese Tyko weekend is over for another year. Hopefully I can relax some next weekend. :D We now return you to your regularly scheduled food, music, and culture. ;)

Japanese Fall Fest

I took a few videos of the Tyko drummers at this year's Japanese Fall Festival. It was pretty fun. A bunch of us went on Friday night for the candle light walk then back again on Saturday for the drummers and to see everything in the daylight. :)

Blitzwing anyone?

Wow. I stunbled across mine last week at a Walmart but looks like they are out in force now. I also picked up Universe Galvatron and Acid Storm as well as Animated Sentinel Prime and Swoop. I passed on the Elite Guard Bumblebee for now. Probably won't get him. I'll try to gets some pics up later. Been really busy recently.