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My perfect job

Anthropologist helps Intel see the world through customers' eyes If there were any job in the world that was custom made for me this would have to be it. My degree is in anthropology, I love studying Asian cultures, and I am, of course, a big computer and mobile electronic (pocket pc/mobile phone) geek, plus my current job is computer support for a university. This is exactly what I had hoped to do some day. My idea was for a study on how technology is used differently by different age groups in Japan. Who knows, if this study is popular enough it may open some nice doors for geeky anthropologists like myself! :)

Really ticked at your old computer?

At Some Point, we all want to kick our computer At, we take it a step (a big one) further. For around $100, you will receive a digital video recording of your computer or small appliance being obliterated using the latest in Concussive Computer Catastrophe Technology.. That's right folks, don't smack that monitor one more time, don't stub your toe kicking your CPU, BLOW IT UP!!! :D Be sure to check out the demo video . :)

Got a dirty desk?

The Hello Kitty Desktop Vacuum Cleaner: because odds are your desk is filthy mess and you’ve been holding out for something perfectly kawaii to clean it with. Just one more crazy thing out of Japan. Now if this baby would clean my desk with out my intervention like the Roomba vac then I might like one. But as it is I mainly poststed about this for Alastria's sake... ;)

Video of the new PSP

Here is an article about the new Playstation portable (PSP) with specs and a video! GT4 looks amazing, it is hard to believe it is running on a hand held system. It will be interesting to see what this will do to the gamming world. I've also heard some things about the next Gameboy. Dual screens one of them touch sensetive. Could be cool. I'm not real big on console game systems but I do love portable electronics! :) Here is a link strait to the video . Follow the post link for full text.


Ahhh.. Finaly a new ガンダム series to watch other than that mobile fighter joke. I was at Best Buy yesterday and picked up the limited edition ガンダムシード box set. It comes with the vol.1 DVD and the sound track. Plus I also have a box to put the rest of the DVDs in when I get them! I hope to have time to watch it soon. Alastria hasn't seen any of the ガンダム series'. We just started the original. Of course we also just started the first ドラゴンバル series. It's great! I had not seen it before. So I guess we'll finish that first. You just gotta love anime.

トランスフォマ everywhere! has three new Transformers Alternators in stock, Hound , Tracks , and Silverstreak . I really want Tracks, especially since he looks just like my car! Hopefully they'll be out in stores soon! :) So many トランスフォマ so little money...

New Transformers at Target!

Target has some of the new transformers stuff in. They had Omega Supreme , the Optimus Prime Energon Blaster , and Megatron Energon Sword . There was a picture of Shockblast on the bottom of Omega Supreme's box so he should be out soon. Now if I just had an extra $50 to waste on Omega Supreme...

Greetings from the world's largest McDonalds

Well, we survived. Stopped at the worlds largest McDonalds for some ice-cream. It actually spans I-44. This is a shot from were we were sitting and watching the cars zoom under us. The trip was a blast. We had loads of fun Saturday night at the reggae fest, got cool T-shirts and a hat. We had dinner at the spaghetti warehouse, cool building, great food. The zoo was great. The have one of the better great ape exhibits I've seen. They've actually had 2 baby western lowland gorillas born in the last 7 months, got some nice video thanks to Alas digging out her old camera. :) It was pretty cool that most of the McDonalds along the way had wifi access, for a price of course. It really becomes less cool when you have unlimited GPRS data but it would have been great if I needed to make any VOIP calls or video call. Pocket Streets made things soo much easier. We never really had to worry about finding anything we wanted, most everything was in the Pocket Streets databas