What a day...

Well, we got up this morning and got ready to go eat breakfast. I poped the hatch to my car to load our stuff in the back then shut the hatch with my keys still in the drain tray... :( So thanks to Alastria we called GM roadside assistance and got it unlocked in no time. However when I was running to the front of the hotel to get the address I dropped my nice new Motorola v600... It shattered the external display... The good side is everything else still works but with a bluetooth headset I actually used the external display more than the main one. :( plus there goes my $300 phone down the drain...
During all this my parents walked over to BK to grab us some breakfast. There was a nice picknick table out behind the motel so they plopped down then over they went food and all. Turns out the table is a true safty hazard. One person sitting is enough to flip it over... Not good.

But! I did finaly get my new exhaust installed!

My car is exhausted

It sounds amazing. I'm soooo glad I got it.
So tomorrow we have to go back so mom can pickup a part she ordered for her car then I think we'll head back to St. Louis and waste some time.

So I guess maybe it is time to think about a new phone... I hadn't planned on upgrading even though there are many nice ones I might want. I'll take it in to Cingular Monday and see if there is anything they can do. I could fix it if I could find a display... oh well, we shall see...


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