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Google Earth

Wow. This has to be one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. It is a globe. But it is made of satalite images! I can see my truck parked infront of my house! It will render 3d terrain, 3d buildings for some cities, borders, roads, dining, lodging, whole POI database, works with GPS, it will grab demographic data and lay over the map, weather, crime rates... This program is amazing! I've played with it way too much today and haven't even begain to get to all the features. If you have a few hours go check it out.

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Cybertron toys in stock and shipping!

Amazon/Toys R have two of the new Transformers Cybertron toys in and shipping. Vector Prime Crumplezone I really want to order Vector Prime. Usually they toys show up in the store very soon after hitting the web site. So I'm gonna try to wait. ;) I'll have to hit every Target and Toys R Us I can get to in Boston next week. LOL Update: Scratch that. Some time between when I looked this morning and this afternoon all 12 of the first line are now in stock and shipping!!!

Getting ready for Boston

Alastria and I are going to Boston to visit her friend for a week. We fly out this Sunday so we will be there in time for the huge six day 4th party! Should be pretty cool. Will also be my first time flying. :) I just need to figure out what gadgets I need and which power cables to take. :D This will be a Pocket PC only trip. So far I've got: Pocket PC phone, Siemens sx66 Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard Stowaway Bluetooth mouse Veo 1.3MP SD camera Bluetooth GPS USB sd card reader for emergency data exchange ;) Moto Bluetooth headset Extra SD card loaded with music (ebooks, games and maps are on the main card) Power cords for all Which brings me to the question, will there be power outlets on the plane? If there are I would guess the lighter kind like in your car and not the wall type. But we are flying cheep so probably none. :) So do I bother taking car chargers for everything or just the wall chargers? I guess I'll take my Gameboy SP just in case

GPS works well.

After playing with the new gps for a few days I'm very happy I got it. It works very well. The navigation is fast and acurate, the software has a great interface and lots of options. I'm also very impresed with the maps. We took it on a trip to the middle of nowhere to visit Alastria's parents and it knew exactly how to get to their house just from the address. Down a county road and two forest service roads! All on the map! Very nice. I highly recommend this hardware and software to anyone looking to buy gps.

Well, I've ordered it. Bluetooth GPS

I place my order today. Shouls ship in 2-3 days. I payed the extra $8 to have it overnighted just to make sure it is here before our trip to Boston. It will be a great chance to play with it. It comes with a free vent mount but i'm not exactly sure it will work with the vents in my 1969 El Camino... LOL So I also opted for the windshield mount arm. Besides the vents are always the first thing to break on a car. I really don't want to hang my phone/ppc from the vent in the Corvette either. :) So the extra $9.99 will be well worth it. I'll let you know how it goes after i get it and get to play with it a bit. :D YAY!!! Update: ok.. The 2-3 days to ship turned out to be more like 2-3 hours. hehe... So it may be here as soon as tomorrow. :D

Great... Another Game

Well Alastria picked up Guild Wars this weekend. Gave it a try. So far I think I like it. It is no were near as cool as WoW but there is no monthly fee. It will give us something to play with if we have a board of WoW weekend. :) It is mostly an online pvp gave that has a bit for RPG to it. We'll see how long the RPG part can keep me interested.