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First full day at the convention

A few shots from our first full day at Trek Expo. Not a lot but a few cool costumes. A few less exhibitors than last year but it was kinda nice having the show in the same hotel as we stayed.

You don't want to stay in this room

Oooooo... Spooky. ;)

Wow, the geekyness just doesn't stop...

Guess who was here to great us as we checked into the hotel? None other than the man himself... (No, not David Hasselhoff...) K.I.T.T.!

A room with a view

Happy anniversary to us! Today we celebrate our first year of wedded bliss. ;) So what do we do for our first anniversary? The same thing anyone else would do... Drive to Tulsa for one of the largest Star Trek conventions in the US. Well the largest one we felt like driving to. Stay tuned for more photos like from Trek Expo 2007... Oh and our first wedding anniversary. :D