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46 inch monitor for WoW? ;)

My shaman is two feet tall. :)

So awsome!

That's all there is to it.


Voyager class Optimus Prime at target!!!! Wow. This guy wasn't suppposed to be out for another month. Sooooooooooooo awsome!

We are the champions...

As the 2008 Computer Services/Financial Services picnic draws to a close only two walk away winners. Jeremy and I dominated the annual horse shoe tournament with our amazing skilz and blind luck. :)

Hulk Guuuud!

Just got done seeing the new Incredible Hulk movie. We've driving back home now. Sorry I didn't post whil in the movie. I was too busy watching it. ;) Anyway, it was reallly good. Especially compared to the first one. This movie had a much better feel to it and was completely in line with the Ultimate comics, just like every other recent Marvel movie. While it wasn't as good as Iron man it is a definite must see and an excellent tie-in with the push toward the Avengers movie. While it had the required Stan Lee cameo and a lot of those little comic fan inside jokes/references the movie did have a much more serious feel to it. Which is good. The older Hulk (and now the newer) Hulk comics have always had a much darker feel to them. Much of the comics focused on the lonelyness and almost hoplessness of Bruce's situation. I think the movie did a good job of touching on that while not dwelling on it, thus bringing the whole story down. I also think they ended it quite

Rain drops keep fallin on my head...

Every time it rains hard it actually rains inside the lobby at work. The sad part is they spent two days fixing this exact spot in the ceiling that was damaged bt the leak from the week before. Kinda cool seeing the water pour out of the roof two stories up then flow down the stairs to pool in the basement. Poor ceiling. Fall down go boom... err more like spat but what ever.


Who is this Galvar guy?

Oh hum...

Well that was anti climactic.. After waiting around for an hour they decided that if I really didn't need to be there to manage anything that they would just call me if something didn't work. Oh well.

Hellos to the Secret Service!

Hey, did you guys read my site yet? If not I'll see you at 11. :)

Guess what I get to do tomorrow?

John McCain will be coming to campus tomorrow as part of his campaign tour and they want special treatment and wireless access. So guess who gets to set it all up and sit over there all day to make sure it works? :) Should be interesting though. I get a free background check from the secret service and even get my laptop and wireless equipment sniffed by the bomb dogs! All for free! What a great country we live in. Any other country and I would have to pay top dollar for these services. Anyway... I took the trouble today to spiff up my phone and my desktop's wallpaper. I figured this should be fitting for the occasion, don't you?

Crazy weather? Hail yeah!

My 3 days... Yeah. One day I am sitting out in the swing enjoying a nice gentle breeze after having mowed the lawn. Next day there is 2-4 inches of standing water in the yard. Our rain guage goes to 7 inches... It wasn't enough. This was the most rain we've had in a single day since 1981. 9 inches of rain in 8-10 hours. I've never seen flooding this bad. And the next day. 15 minute thunderstorm that decided to throw huge chunks of ice at my house... Beautiful.

Me Grimlock!!

Success! We found one Grimlock at the north side walmart. Time to mess up some Decepticons!

Lugnut in the wild!

TF Animated voyager class wave 2 (maybe 3, which confuses me) have been sighted at walmart. Now the hunt for Grimlock begins. :D

Total suckage...

Wow... The trek expo was horrible... There really weren't many people there and al the stars we went to see ended up canceling. So basically we drove to Tulsa to spend a LOT of money to buy a few patches for our new BSG costumes. I honestly don't think we were there for even an hour. We gave up and went shopping... After lunch that is. We didn't even bother staying the night.. Just drove home. :( So, since the con sucked sooooo bad I decided to post a picture of a flower from the back yard. Posting a pic from the show would have been a waste of bandwidth...

Kinda ready to go...

The last few weeks have been really busy. I haven't even played WoW this week. ;) So, needless to say, I really haven't gotten ready for our trip to Tulsa this weekend for Trek Expo. I'm not even sure if we are driving back tomorrow or staying the night.. Hehehe. Oh well... We did get a basic start on some BSG outfits for this year. Something to wear other than the trek shirts this go around. Stay tuned for pics and more. Sleepy time now...

Hehe... The tree snowed.


ZOMG!! sooo fast!

ok, I gave it another go this morning (and used IE instead of Opera to run the test) look what I got! This is from my mobile phone kids... Loves the 3G (3.5G technically)


Ok... So this is probably bad... Right at midnight we are woken up by the tornado sirens so I click on the radio and fire up the National Weather Service website on my phone to see what's up. Yet what do I notice rather than the weather map that rendered amazingly fast?? Why yes! That wonderful little H at the top of my screen!!! That wasn't there when I went to bed. They must have clicked it on right at midnight. The speed test only shows half of the speed it is capable of though. Hopefully they have it thottled back for the rollout. Still 500k is no 1.5m but it is waaaay faster than 70-100m. Sooo exciting! Guesss I'll go take shelter from the tornados now. ;)