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Go Go Sparkle Monkey!!

So this is what Alastria comes home with yesterday. He should make a nice addition to my desk. :) He looks really cool if you turn out the light and shake him real good. :D

Spam fail.

I got this spam mail today and just had to share... It is a rather nice spam form letter but it appears that someone actually forgot to populate the form fields. :D So, if you ever wondered what uncooked spam (mail) looks like here you go. ;) Spam FAIL!!

The little tree that could.

Over the last 2 years the wonderful ice storms we had have all but destroyed the trees in our front yard. One we completely cut down to the ground and the other we kinda just left. We tried to cut it down but the wood was too hard for the chainsaw we had. But that really didn't seem to matter to the trees. :) The one cut to the gound looks more like a bush now and the shattered stump? Well, you can see how it is doing above. :)

Look to the future...

Tee hee...


Haha. Love it. :)