Busy busy busy...

Well, the St. Louis Japanese festival was a blast! Alastria and I met two other friends there. The Missouri Botanical Garden was amazing, I hadn't been there since I was 4...
We also did loads of shopping. We found a few of the new transformers, Downshift, Towline, and the repainted Omnicons/Terrorcons. Also Circuit City has decided to no longer carry the new Motorola Bluetooth head set and conveniently clearance it! So I picked on of those up along with the iBiz CF radio, which was also clearanced!

The Springfield sister cities Japanese Fall Festival was ok. The garden was somewhat unkempt, kinda disappointing.

The Ozarks Celebration Festival was nice. We didn't stay for very long though. Alastria bought me a really cool ring while I was not paying attention. (Silly Girl!) It is really cool, completely hand made with gold and silver wire.

my ring

She's sooo sweet! ;)

I'm off for vacation as of this Thursday until Monday! So we're off to the 2004 Corvette Fun Fest! It should be really fun. And I should have plenty of time to post some cool pics and stuff from the grounds. :)


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