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Trick Anything!

Trick Anything specializes in the customization of your most cherished possessions. By expanding our medium to include anything that can be sanded, painted and mechanically tweaked, we have successfully awakened the trickster in all of our clients. Yes these guys will trick out anything you got, from your ride to your throne! LOL Check out the pilot episode... Nice...

What a day...

Well, we got up this morning and got ready to go eat breakfast. I poped the hatch to my car to load our stuff in the back then shut the hatch with my keys still in the drain tray... :( So thanks to Alastria we called GM roadside assistance and got it unlocked in no time. However when I was running to the front of the hotel to get the address I dropped my nice new Motorola v600... It shattered the external display... The good side is everything else still works but with a bluetooth headset I actually used the external display more than the main one. :( plus there goes my $300 phone down the drain... During all this my parents walked over to BK to grab us some breakfast. There was a nice picknick table out behind the motel so they plopped down then over they went food and all. Turns out the table is a true safty hazard. One person sitting is enough to flip it over... Not good. But! I did finaly get my new exhaust installed! It sounds amazing. I'm soooo glad I got it. So

Live at Fun Fest 2004!

Well, here we are at the 2004 Corvette Fun Fest! Man, what a parking lot... There are thousands of people and there Corvettes here, tech siminars, food, music, food, lots of vendors, oh, and did I mention the food? ;) There are even quite a few new 2005 Vettes here. Oh and I also ordered new exhaust for my car, the'll be installing it tomorrow at 14:00! I'll take some pictures and post them. Maybe I'll even try out audio blogger so you can hear it too. :)

HooWaah! The DS cometh!

Image is taking preorders for the new Nintendo DS! Order now for a mear $199.82 USD and it is supposed to ship on 11/30/04. :) An I just got a GBASP... Nintendo's latest innovation, code-named Nintendo DS, provides users with a unique game-play experience using features never before offered by any other home console or hand-held game system. This portable personal entertainment and communications unit provides new perspectives on dual screens, new control using both touch and voice, and new connections with 2 kinds of wireless gameplay OOooOO! It isn't a protable game cube yet but it has better graphics than the N64! It uses a new card slot for the new games but also has a slot that will accept GBA games! Although it will not play GB or GBC games. No biggy though. I don't have any of those games. :) There is even the potential of linking your GBA game to a new DS game just like we do now with GBA and cube. That might be cool, plus you won't have to buy t

Busy busy busy...

Well, the St. Louis Japanese festival was a blast! Alastria and I met two other friends there. The Missouri Botanical Garden was amazing, I hadn't been there since I was 4... We also did loads of shopping. We found a few of the new transformers, Downshift, Towline, and the repainted Omnicons/Terrorcons. Also Circuit City has decided to no longer carry the new Motorola Bluetooth head set and conveniently clearance it! So I picked on of those up along with the iBiz CF radio, which was also clearanced! The Springfield sister cities Japanese Fall Festival was ok. The garden was somewhat unkempt, kinda disappointing. The Ozarks Celebration Festival was nice. We didn't stay for very long though. Alastria bought me a really cool ring while I was not paying attention. (Silly Girl!) It is really cool, completely hand made with gold and silver wire. She's sooo sweet! ;) I'm off for vacation as of this Thursday until Monday! So we're off to the 2004 Corvette Fun F

Sushi Shades

Have you ever been out on a nice sunny day and stoped for sushi only to drop your chopstick in the gutter? Well these shades are for you. Now you can simply pull the ear pieces of and go to town... ? Yeah.. that's right, these are sun glasses that you tear apart and use for chopsticks. Why? umm.. good question.

Missouri Botanical Garden's Japanese Festival 2004

And we're off with the start of all the fall festivals! Our first big one is the Japanese Festival in St. Loius at the botanical gargens. Three days of fun and relaxation away from work! The Kansas City Renaissance Festival also starts this weekend. Hopefully we'll get to that maybe the last week in Sept. and maybe again in Oct. Then next weekend there is another Japanese festival in Springfield at the Japanese Stroll Garden , as well as the Ozarks Celebtation Festival . Plus we are going to Alastria's parents for dinner that weekend... Ohh soo busy. :D The week after that is the 2004 Corvette Funfest in Effingham, IL. It's gonna be loads of fun. It is usually the biggest Corvette gathering in the world. Now I just gotta find time to wash my vette... ;)