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I've got good news...

And I've got good news.
Good news is that there are no trees left in our yard to fall and hit the house.
And the good news is that I am not gonna have to rake next fall... ;)
Our last standing tree fell over today. Right across the driveway like I figured it would.
The neighbors came over this morning and helped clear the half a tree that fell into the house last night.
What a mess...

winter war zone...

The first round of ice went through last night. This is what is left of our back yard. Fortunatly none of our trees are big enough to hit either the house or the power. We are still supposed to get a few more inches tonight and tomorrow. Then some snow monday...
By some miracle we still have power. No one else we know has power so we are gonna have one heck of a sleep over. :) Five people so far.
The sucky part is that while we have power the phones are out so no DSL. :( Thank goodness for pocket pc phones!

Home, Home of the Deranged...

Well it has been a busy month. We closed on our new house on December 8th and started moving in that day.
We had our DSL up and running that night. You know, the important stuff. We slept on the mattress in the dinning room floor as the carpet was still wet from the good shampooing we gave it.
We have all our stuff in the house and the garage. A good part of it is moved in and it looks fairly normal. :)

We have been there for almost a month now and I'm still not sure it has sunk in yet..