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Rucky numba Sirteen...

wish my chinese food.

The best is yet to come...


More concert pics

I hope to have some from the camera with zoom sometime soon...

Weird Al is awsome!

Live! From the Weird Al concert.

Here we are. 14 minutes til show time. Sooooo exciting!

Zombie Harmony

lols. :)

Sunstreaker says...

Awsome suit you have there Iron Man but it's still no match for my astonishing paint job.

Marvel Crossovers!

So Alastria did a bit of shopping today after she got off work. Look what I found waiting for me when I got home!

Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-man, and Vemon. Tony Stark constructed battle suits derived from alien technology. Somewhat weak back story but they toys look prety cool. Better than the lame story behind the Star Wars Transformers. :D

Interesting promotion...

Can I get a rain check? ;)

oooo creepy...

That's the biggest brown recluse I've ever seen. We feed him a fly. :)


go see the dark knight

All hail! Megatron!


And the beat goes on...

Republic Walmart:
Classics 2.0 - Check
Animated Leader Class toys - BONUS!!

We weren't sure we would even find the classics toys much less both Leader class Bulkhead and Megatron!
And now with that we have all of the currently available Animated toys and all of the classics line.
Only thing left to hunt for now is the marvel crossover line.

BTW, this new Megatron has to be the coolest Megatron toy ever made.

Luck strikes again

So we go to walmart to pick up some milk and what do we find when touring the toy isle? They are stocking the new TF:Animated Activators toys as we walk into the isle.
Also the lady working there says her friend from the Republic walmart called her earlier and saud they had the new TF:Classics in stock... So guess where we are driving as I type? :)

What the hell is wrong with our country!?

Tha ninja masta!!

Jazz, the Cybertron Elite Guard's ninja bot.

Yes, ladies and gents... this bot has a cool vehicle mode and nunchaku. :D

Jazz has always been one of my favorite Autobots and the new version of the character in Transformers Animated is no exception. He is a great character in the show and a very cool toy.

Welll crap...

So we go out for dinner last night and decide to do a little shopping afterwards. We hit the usual places, Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart. Alastria was wanting to show me the new The Dark Knight Batmobile she found at walmart on he way home from work. We hit the stores in driving order. Toys R Us first. Nothing new there, except for the fact they FINALLY have freakin Wiis in stock. Unfortunately we cannot get one yet as I need to pay off the TV we bought to play it on. lol

On to Target. I stumbled across the new Star Wars Transformer I had been waiting for. Obi Wan's Jedi star fighter with the cool hyper drive ring around the front but I had to put it back. About that time I hear a huge gasp from the other end of the isle. When I look down, Alastria is franticlly grabbing at things... They just happened to stock one case of the new TF:Animated wave 3 deluxe figures. So we got one of each. Jazz, Snarl, Soundwave, and Oilslick. Very cool. Jazz has always been one of …

JQH Arena tour

Today we got a "wiring" tour of the new, yet to be completed, John Q. Hammons Arena. I'll be responsible for making the place wireless. The place is huge. Four floors and lots of hidden rooms below and behind the seating area.


This is a test of video upload. :)


I sees you...

the time draws near...