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I hit Google page 1!!!

Wow, just look at that. I hadn't googled myself in a long time.

(click for full image)

Christmas time is here...

Well it must be official now... They have installed the Christmas Stick at work. ;)
Hapy holidays!

Winter time...

This was two days ago. Took me a little while to get around to posting it. I got the new Lgend of Zelda game for my DS. I've been a little busy playing that nonstop. ;)
Of course as with every "first snow" we get it was gone by 9:00.

Only at Walmart...

Perhaps I should start an entire category by that name. ;)
With the holiday season (being forced) upon us we should be thankful for retailers like Walmart who strive to meet the holiday needs of their clientele...

Merry X-mas, y'all!

First full day at the convention

A few shots from our first full day at Trek Expo. Not a lot but a few cool costumes. A few less exhibitors than last year but it was kinda nice having the show in the same hotel as we stayed.

You don't want to stay in this room

Oooooo... Spooky. ;)

Wow, the geekyness just doesn't stop...

Guess who was here to great us as we checked into the hotel? None other than the man himself... (No, not David Hasselhoff...) K.I.T.T.!

A room with a view

Happy anniversary to us! Today we celebrate our first year of wedded bliss. ;)
So what do we do for our first anniversary? The same thing anyone else would do... Drive to Tulsa for one of the largest Star Trek conventions in the US. Well the largest one we felt like driving to. Stay tuned for more photos like from Trek Expo 2007... Oh and our first wedding anniversary. :D

Transformers Animated

Yes, the next Transformers cartoon is almost upon us.

I must admit I was a little worried when I heard that the Teen Titans people would be designing the new cartoon. But then I heard that the Legion of Superheros writers would be involved. That is a pretty good show.
Now that the toy pics and previews of the show out I really don't feel so bad about it all.

I think the new show will be more like G1 than ever before. Characters like Arcee and Grimlock look exactly like their G1 selves. Optimus also looks very close. I love all the little G1 things they have slipped into the show.
Most of all I love this little Orion Pax reference they have in the first episode or so.


Plus all these people complaining about the art. Transformers was anime to begin with... What is so wrong about it being the new anime (american-anime) now?

I think the show will do very well. What with riding on the coat tails of the movie and the popularity of Teen Titans, and the like, I think this show will a…

Transformers Movie toys are OUT!!!

I went out Friday night after midnight to 2 different Walmart stores. The first was still working on stocking the toy dept. No Transformers even out on the pallets yet.
Went to a second Walmart and they had all their stuff out. I got leader Prime, Ironhide, Rachet, and Starscream.

Saturday I went to Target early and found they were just now stocking it (they night guys were supposed to before they left but didn't) so I got first dibs on everything. :)
Picket up the Robo Vision Prime, both Softimus Prime and Slumble Bee (Slumble Bee was for the wife), and also grabbed the Fast Action Battlers Prime just to see what those toys were like. I haven't opened him yet but I probably won't get anymore of those.

Then I headed over to Toys R Us and picked up the Legends Optimus (since I already bought every other size OP) and Bonecrusher.

I already had both Proto Forms, Barricade, Bumblebee and Jazz.

So, over all I bought way too much.. But hey.. I will get them all eventually anyway,…

April showers... er umm fluries...

Only in Missouri can you wake up to a snow storm in the middle of april...
I got up this morning and noticed something white through the blinds so I took a peek. lol

April fluries kill may flowers.... or however that saying goes. ;)

Nice view, $ food...

This is the view from out table at "The Horny Toad". Chad ordered the surf n' turf.. It was going to cost $69.95... He got something else. ;) I'll have the chicken strips.

HELIX 2007

Quite a few of us from Missouri State are at the HELIX conference in Osage Beach this year. Josh and I drove up together and were going to share a room. Well, appearantly we arriced at just the right time. They give out the rooms in the main buildings first then spread out to the cabbin type things. We checked in just after the rooms in the main buildings filled up an got "upgraded" to one of the suites. As you can see from the pictures above it is HUGE with a nice view of the lake!

I've got good news...

And I've got good news.
Good news is that there are no trees left in our yard to fall and hit the house.
And the good news is that I am not gonna have to rake next fall... ;)
Our last standing tree fell over today. Right across the driveway like I figured it would.
The neighbors came over this morning and helped clear the half a tree that fell into the house last night.
What a mess...

winter war zone...

The first round of ice went through last night. This is what is left of our back yard. Fortunatly none of our trees are big enough to hit either the house or the power. We are still supposed to get a few more inches tonight and tomorrow. Then some snow monday...
By some miracle we still have power. No one else we know has power so we are gonna have one heck of a sleep over. :) Five people so far.
The sucky part is that while we have power the phones are out so no DSL. :( Thank goodness for pocket pc phones!

Home, Home of the Deranged...

Well it has been a busy month. We closed on our new house on December 8th and started moving in that day.
We had our DSL up and running that night. You know, the important stuff. We slept on the mattress in the dinning room floor as the carpet was still wet from the good shampooing we gave it.
We have all our stuff in the house and the garage. A good part of it is moved in and it looks fairly normal. :)

We have been there for almost a month now and I'm still not sure it has sunk in yet..