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New addition to campus

Awsome news on the work front. We just had our first quicksand pit installed on campus! This will be great for when the new freshman get here... Oh and for the campus tour guides that always walk backwards... ;)

A new ride?

It is not very often that I am actually tempted by a new vehicle but every once in a while a car company will do something different.
One of my criteria when getting a new/new to me vehicle is, how many other people have one? or does it look exactly like every other damn car/truck on the road? I want to drive something different.
Currently I have a 2002 Corvette and a 1969 El Camino. I didn't actually buy the El Camino because it was an El Camino. It was just conveniently available and fit the different criteria. Plus I needed a new truck after a snow storm and a deeeep ditch got the better of my 1968 Chevy truck. Over all it's been a great ride.

So the other day I see that Pontiac is going to release a new vehicle for 2010. The G8 Sport Truck. It is basically the exact same front (from the bumper to the back of the front door) as their new G8 Sport Coupe. However once you get past the front door things change.

So there you have it. The El Camino reborn. :)
The more …

Fashion?! trends.

Really... What the hell is wrong with some people? I have noticed this rising trend over the last few months. More and more I see girls on campus wearing those ridiculous rubber boots... You know, the ones like your mom forced you to wear when you were 6 and you go so laughed at?

Yeah these...

Today this hit an all time high. It has been pouring down rain for the last day or so. Every female I passed waling in to work to day was wearing a pair. And the most impressive part? Not a single pair like any other. Is there some kind of organized campus wide rubber boot buying organization just to make sure everyone has a different color and pattern?? Or do they just make that many? The worst part is that I have been seeing these long before it started raining...

So.. While on the topic of "what the hell were they thinking" fashion trends.
WTF is the deal with these STUPID bug-eyed sunglasses everyone is wearing? Do they not realize how stupid they look??

All I gotta say is, w…

Holy storage capacity, Batman!

I got my new Micro SD card yesterday. Count 'em, 8... 8 GB of storage on my phone! All about the size of my finger nail. :)

I went through the task of transfering all my data from my old 2 GB card and installed aaaallll of the GPS map data from Tom Tom for North America.

After it is all said and done... I still haven't managed to use 20% of the card!

Number 2 link on a Google search!!

WOW!! I just Googled myself and I am now the second search result!! Right under Wikipedia! That is amazing! :)

Told ya so...

There it is. Six inches of the white fluffy stuff. Funny part is that it all fell in about an hour. That was some heavy snow. :)

Round 37?

Here we go again? Upper 70's today and winter storm warning tomorrow... /cry

The new Spectacular Spider-man

Found these at Toys R Us this weekend. The brand new Spectacular Spider-man cartoon is supposed to start March 8th on Kids WB. Looks pretty cool!