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A winter wonder land

The day before yesterday it was 68 and sunny... Today? 11 inches of snow with the low tonight headed for 9...

Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday

Well it was bound to happen eventually. Last Friday Susan and I finally got married!
Follow the link for more pictures and details.

A night in a haunted hotel

We went to Eureka Springs for a friend's wedding. It was held at the Crescent Hotel. It was built in 1886. Room 212 is supposedly haunted. It is an amazing building.

Post for the sake of posting

I've been busy of late with the new job and WoW and such.
I got one of the new black Nintendo DS lite's this past weekend. I brought it into work and got it on the wireless and played Mario Kart with 3 other people from somewhere in the world. That was pretty cool.
There are many cool hacks and rom flashes for it but i have not decided yet if i want to break my new toy. lol

Five of us also went to the KC renfest this weekend. It was a blast.

See ya next time.

At the airport waiting to leave.

Windows Mobile FTW! Saw this Verizon treo 700w ad at the airport. Nice to see my favorite mobile OS getting real publicity.


Oooo look! An ipod vending machine... Sometimes the world hurts my head.


Alastria says high Zennie!Things you do while bored in vegas.

The vegas tour.

Wooooohoo. Viva las vegas! Pardones por el miss spellings en este post. Ingles es un lingua muy dificial en este momento...
Wheeeee! Tasm just dropped us off at the hotel. He meet us at the end of Fremont street and las vegas blvd. We got the local tour of vegas and the inside scoop on what's going on around here.
We got to ride around in the rolls on the strip. It was quite fun. :)
We has people hooting at us at every corner.
I can see why Ben likes the car so much. Plus that V12 is pretty damn nice. ;)Ok, I should prolly go to sleep now.

Jamaican for lunch.

Mmmmmm... Tasty food from Tasty Island, a little Jamacan food place we found in a strip mall. The patties were sooooo good!


Nothing like a day filled with bad dam jokes... :)
Really cool to see. It is soo huge.
And the frive out was really cool too. It is so odd to not see grass anywhere. None.

Money down the slot...

The girls had to test out the penny slots while we were waiting on the rental to get here.

Here we go.

We've had breakfast and are out waiting on the rental car place to get here.
First stop, the Hoover dam.

If you just can't wait...

Wow, if you just can't wait to get your gamble on you can start right in the airport. hehe...
There were 6 mini casinos before we made it to the baggage claim.
Let the fun begin. :)

We're on the ground

but still waiting to get off the plane. :) Soo many people...

And it begins.

We are checked in and ready to board. Vegas here we come. :D
John and Sarah are here but no sign of Dave and Mollie yet. Hope they make it on time.

The End of an Era...

Today is my last day at my current job. I have been here for over eight years total. Three as a student worker and over five as full time staff.

I don't know if it has really sunk in yet...
We had a little gathering after the tech meeting this morning for people to come by and wish me well. I really didn't want to stay there but did for about 30 minutes. For the last few days people have been stopping by my office or emailing me the standard we will miss yous and good lucks.

I will definitely miss some of the people here. Most of them actually. There are a few that I won't miss dealing with but you get that at every job.

I am friends with all the people I will be working with at my new job and I am pretty sure I will like the work as well.

I guess this is one of those bitter-sweet things people always talk about. :D

One this is for sure though... It sure is gonna be different. :)

Onward and upward, as they say.

This just in: Wages at an all time low... ;)

Wow, I knew the economy wasn't it the best shape but this is pretty bad. Anyone need a job at Burger King?

Vegas Baby!!!

We leave for vegas next Thursday! Stay tuned for more pic and news of our adventures in sin city.
What happens in vegas stays on the web. ;)

I've got the power...

Or at least the means to plugin a lot of it.
Here are the "spoils" of my power strip replacement adventures.
Now if I only had somewhere to store them besides my office floor... ;)

What a day...

So far this week my task has been to replace every surge protector in every office in the building... The whole exercise was only a political action anyway but that is another issue entirely...
Someone also thought it would be a good idea if I did their enventory while I was at it since I was going into every office anyway... That makes sense. Still a pain though.
So after moving 3 loaded bookcases and many a desk (that is just today) I decided to go sit outside for awhile. It is sooo nice out today.
I took this picture with my pocket pc while enjoying my candybar and listening to some music plus write and post this. :)Mobile technology and outside FTW!

A weekend break

We drove down to visit Alastria's parents today. It was kind of a pre visit for mom's birthday.At her grandma's house we went for a walk down through the field and stopped at all of the 4 or 5 ponds.Then we went back to her parent's house for a bit and went walking through the woods.They just had a pond dug. It's starting to fill nicely thanks to all the rain we've had the last few days.
It was a nice break.

Anime Legos!

Ok, so maybe that batmobile was a little expensive but these I could justify. :D

Besides one was for Alastria anyway. hehehe.

They are really cool after you get them together. The have a light block that goes in the center and shines light down the plastic tube to their gun. Pretty neat looking. They are also very sturdy and well jointed. Nothing like the old lego robots I used to make.
Nothing more embarrassing than loosing an arm or leg during a battle... ;)

They come with lots of stickers that make them look really cool. In the above picture the white one has the stickers and the red one does not. Most of the stickers are actually in Japanese. Funny though that the "Dragon Wing" sticker is upsidedown on the box picture and on the instructions. lol

The little lego guys actually have the wild anime hair. It's actually rubber as apposed to the hard plastic that most lego hair pieces are. Probably a saftey thing with all the points on it. :)

Very cool legos!

New Batman Legos!

Ok, I really want the batmobile but it is $30.99. Legos have always been soo expensive. :)
Maybe some later... It looks really cool though. :D

New classic G.I. Joe toys

Pretty cool. They are totally brand new toy designs of the classic characters and packaged in the same style packaging as the originals. Then even had the original Colbra H.I.S.S.! Pretty neat. It was actually the original toy with some nice paint instead of those old stickers. :D

My Broken Tablet

My tablet PC has been kinda flakey from the begins and it finally broke. :(
The mother board finally bit the big one.
Since we are a Gateway service center I ordered a replacement motherboard.

The fun begins! I tried getting the board out without removing the display but no luck...
Minus the screws in the display I had to remove all of them!

And here is the rest of the guts and many many screws.

Once I got it apart it was pretty quick to go back together. And the best part of all? It works!!
So I'm back to working and WoWing. :)


Kinda makes ya wonder where they keep the dirty ones...

Only in Branson

Took the day off work to spend with the family. Alastria's dad is at a conference in Branson so work rented them a condo. We came down last night and are gonna goof off all day.

A new toy through work

Work has ordered new k-jams for my co-worker and i. Hopefully the will actually show up and not get lost, the order messed up, or denied by purchasing. We shall see. *crosses fingers*

I've already started the search for registry hacks and software tweaks and downloaded the extended roms from all other variations of this phone so i can make my own custom build. :D

WoW UI Mods updated for 1.9

I've updated all my UI mods for the 1.9 patch. No new features just a .toc update.
I have also added a download for my modified version of Wardrobe.
After version 1.3 Wardrobe added many features I did not want and also required you to install function libraries. So this is my modified version that playes nice with the BG queue icon.

So if you want a nice and simple equipment manager give it a try. :)