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I've got the power...

Or at least the means to plugin a lot of it. Here are the "spoils" of my power strip replacement adventures. Now if I only had somewhere to store them besides my office floor... ;)

What a day...

So far this week my task has been to replace every surge protector in every office in the building... The whole exercise was only a political action anyway but that is another issue entirely... Someone also thought it would be a good idea if I did their enventory while I was at it since I was going into every office anyway... That makes sense. Still a pain though. So after moving 3 loaded bookcases and many a desk (that is just today) I decided to go sit outside for awhile. It is sooo nice out today. I took this picture with my pocket pc while enjoying my candybar and listening to some music plus write and post this. :) Mobile technology and outside FTW!