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Bad choice in fonts

Tell me... What is the first word you see when you look at this poster? :)

And the winner is...

Looks like about $1400 worth of damage to the El Camino. But the other guys insurance is gonna fix it. The are hoping to have it back to me in a week and a half.. Provided that parts ship on time. It will never look right of course.. It is impossible to match 1969 faded paint. :) So I will have one nice looking fender while the rest of the car looks like crap. hehe. I'll post picks when it's done.


So what do you do? Your car is sitting parked infront of your house and this happens... Fortunately the guy was nice enough to stop. The roads were icey so it really wasn't all his fault... Winter noob... Oh well... I am dropping it off to get fixed tomorrow.. Rental car and all that. Insurance is a good thing. I should know within a day or so if they are going to total it or not...

Looks like 10 or more...

Early reports from state emergency management are saying that at least 10 tornadoes tore through the area during our recent storm. One was clasified as an F3.

Well that was fun...

You've seen the posts I've made about the weather over that last few days. 9 degrees one day 74 a few days later. Most of us also knows what happens when we slam warm moist air into really cold air... Yep... 12 hours of none stop tornado and severe thunder storm warnings... And not much sleep. It all started between 16:00 and 17:00 Monday night. The tornado sirens started going off as I got to my car to head home. Of course I only have an AM radio in the El Camino and the speaker is currently not hooked up... Fortunately my phone's data connection is fast enough to stream internet radio. :) I still had plenty of time so I headed home. The first wave all went to the north side of town.. Alastria and I sat out on the back deck and watched the light show. That was crazy nuts. Not long after she started dinner the second wave started through. That round got pretty nuts. Funnel clouds spotted a few blocks to either side of us. Fortunately nothing ever touched down.

What the...?

So you saw the post a few days ago with the 9 degree temperature? So how about a high of 73 today? Short sleeves and out working on the cars today. Lol


Eep... This is what I got when I synced the weather on my phone this morning... Cold! Yuck...

Our home theater for the new year

I just had to post a picture of this. We had a projector setup for out new years party. That plus the surround sound made for some very cool movie watching. :D Happy new year all!