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WOW open beta!

Soo cool! Alastria and I got in on the World of Warcraft open beta! So if any one else out there is, we are on central time zone test 5 server. Gotta go play now! :D

Firefox 1.0 is out! Come and get it!

What more do you need to know? Firefoz 1.0 was released this morning. The server load is crazy but I toughed it out and got mine. There were a few issues with 3rd party plugins being compatable but all but 2 were updated before the first run of the app! Very nice!

Now where's a payphone when you need one?

Just know if you ever get lost in the middle of Lake Victoria in Africa you are not that far away from a payphone! ;) I hadn't heard about these yet but they are now putting in wireless GSM payphones. This one is also solar powered! Very nice. :D

Transformer hit McDonald's Happy Meal in Europe!

Ooo! More Transformers toys(yeah and My Little Pony too)! Don't know when they'll hit the US buit no I can get some cool Happy Meal toys since Alastria got to collect all those cool Hello Kitty toys. ;) hehe she'll probably want the Ponies too but that's ok. :D Just what we need, another excuse to eat at Mcdonalds!