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Twikini version 1.0 released!

The entire reason I started using Twitter if the first place was to have an excuse to play with the many clients available for Windows Mobile. I have a thing for good software. :)

After quite some time I thought I had finally settled on a Twitter client for my phone... Until I saw a news post about this great new Twitter client called Twikini. I'll admit, the name put me off a bit at first but it looked nice and claimed to be fast (which my current Twitter client was far from) so I gave it a try.
Having only used Twikini for a day I was convinced. It was FAST and just had that feel of really well written software. It was a joy to use.

Twikini's feature set is truly amazing, there are far too many to go into here but I'll touch on a few I really like.

Inline display of Twitpic pictures!
This is a great feature and a true time saver. Most of the time a quick thumbnail view is all you really need to get the gist of someone's Twitpic post. For those times when you need more …

Shipping overkill?

We recently purchased 25 refurbished Cisco switches from a company. One of them was defective so we returned it or another one.
Well, that one arrived today in this box...

That's just nuts... ;)

Ah! There is something in there!

All this box for a single switch??! Umm, ok...