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Today's odd hobby is...

Meet Mr. Hank Magwood, he LOVES flattening things. Have you ever wanted to see what a silver tea pot would look like after being run over by an excavator? Well wait no more! That's right, that's what Hank does! He flattens things. Check out his website Hank Makes It . He has lots of picture of things that he has flattened and even some videos of him in action. Go check it out! :)

月曜日の日記 - へいせい十六ねん、十月十一日

せんしょうはたいへんでした。 しごとでたくさんうちあわせがありました。 こんしょうもたくさんうちあわせがあります。 せんしょうは日本語のテストありました。 せんしょうまつはブランソンに行きました。 私はあたらしいぼうしをかいました。 やすかったです。 すきです。 今しごとにもどります。 こんばんにねます。


今昼ごはんを食べています。 今日日本のテストがあって、勉強していますから。 一時半に打合せに行きます。 四時半に日本語のクラスに行きます。 今日はたいへんです。

Nintendo DS goodness...

Well the more I hear about the new Nintendo DS the more I like it. We all know that it will have wireless in it and that you can network game with that way. But now we learn that one machine can act as a game server and beam the game to the other players! So no more having to buy 4 coppies of Mario Cart just to have any fun! Also the new DS will support other content downloads. i.e. when you walk be your local gammer store our can download the demo of a new game! Oh and if you go see the next Pokiemon movie you will be able to download additional characters for your game! Geez... looks like I might have to upgrade my GBSP sooner than I thought. Now if I can just convince all my friends.. *evil grin*

AT&T plus others to carry HTC Blue Angle

Looks as if the really spiffy new HTC PPCPE will be hitting the states after all! Nice! This is one of the new PPCs I've been thinking about. There is also supposed to be another version comming out in the next few months with a 520 MHz processor and a 1.3 MP camera. So many choices, soo little money. ;)

Motorola MPX220 showing up at Best Buy

Best Buy for some strange reason has exclusive sales rights to the new Moto MPX220 smart phone. So they are going to sell it for Cingular before Cingular does... Anyway, the point is that it is showing up in stores! And current rumor is that it is unlocked as well! Dunno but that'd be cool. So I guess this means I'm going to Best Buy tonight. ;)

Google via SMS

Well you knew it would happen eventually. Now you can search Google from your mobile phone. But it's not what you think, not via the phone's web browser but via SMS. Yep, just send your message to GOOGL (46645) with say, the work pizza and a zip code. Google responds with a text message listing the pizza places in that zip code! Check out the link for further instructions. There is even a pocket sized pdf with quick tips on it. What is Google SMS? Google SMS (Short Message Service) enables you to easily get precise answers to specialized queries from your mobile phone or device. Send your query as a text message and get phone book listings, dictionary definitions, product prices and more. Just text. No links. No web pages. Simply the answers you're looking to find.