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On the road to OK...

Well, we're off. After a bit of breakfast we hit the road. Now this is what I call multi-tasking. I took this pic with my phone then bluetoothed it to my pocket pc. Then I connected through GPRS via bluetooth and ftped the pic up then posted this. All while listening to Prince's Musicology from the ppc via a tape adapter to the car stereo. Never even skipped the music! :D Now comes the long ride. I'll keep ya posted if anything interesting happens. Unless Alastria kills us with her dangerous "cruise control in heavy traffic" problem. :-o

Going to Oklahoma City this weekend!

Ahhh.. vacation... errr at least something different. :) Alastria and I are off to Oklahoma City this weekend. Our original reason for going was the zoo. But thanks to the internet we now have all kinds of reasons to go! :D I first located all the Comp USAs and Toys R Us' in the area (Alastria's idea) then went to google something fun for the weekend. The best resouce was the Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau's web site. They some history and all the top local attractions. Of course there is way more to see than we could ever get done in 2. So the main events will be of course the zoo and 9th Annual Bricktown Reggae Fest ! Yah man!! It's just happened to be the weekend we are going. Soo cool! Alastria got the hotel room over the net as well. I have, of course, marked all the locations on Pocket Streets 2002 on my PPC. (I'm still trying to convince Alas that we need a bluetooth GPS reciever) So thanks to mobile technology (my PPC a

Wanna buy a boat? :)

690' AIR CRAFT CARRIER Year: 1953 Current Price: US$ 6,450,000 Located in Cruising Hull Material: Steel Engine/Fuel Type: Single Other YW# 56530-1169128 Inactive This air craft carrier has been refitted in 1960,1980,1987 1993 and 1998 and is operational. Please contact us for the specifications of the vessel. Umm.. well ok... Anyone got 6.5 mil i could borrow? If you've ever wanted to impress the guys at the lodge now's the time. I wonder if it comes with the guns still mounted? Man... What would you do if you had one of those? wow....

New ipaq rz 1715 at Circuit City!

I'm standing at CC right now looking at this. It's the one of the new ipaqs announced just today, the hp ipaq rz 1715 mobile media companion. I find it most interesting that it is called a mobile media companion and not a pocket pc. And more so that they say media yet it only has 25 mb user accessible memory. I'm still trying to find a "customer service representative" to assist me. :) It is a very base model which I will not buy but I just wanna hold it. ;)

Eternal Lands, free MMORPG

This is a game that Alastria and I used to play a lot when we had trouble getting EQ to work over dialup. It is not super advanced but it is fun to play. I hadn't played it in a very long time so I thought I would pop in to see how things were going... Well appearantly the servers crashed yesterday and all data was lost... including all character data!! eep! Jakuren died!! Or at least went to that giant bit bucket in the sky. I recreated him so I would at least get the name back. I guess the question now is, do I play the game again and try to get back to where I was? Dunno.. I really don't have time to play the games I pay for now... So maybe not. But at least I got my name back and can log in and chat now. Oh well, I think all my stuff was gone except the character stats since they revamped the whole system. So I only lost my exp and lvls. If you are in need of a fun MMORPG to play check it out.

Portrait Illustration Maker - Let's make an original icon!!

Look at what Alastria found. It allows you to choose all kinda of image parts then generates a composite image for you to download. It's really cool. I used it to make me, as you can see in my profile info. I'm actually quite pleased with the resemblance... sort of. :) I made a bunch with different backgrounds and hands/objects. So I'll change it around every once in a while.

Welcome to!!

Buuyaah!!! The new domain is up and running! I got the site moved over and the busted stuff fixed, tweaked my email client, and consolidated all my old email accounts to one with aliases for the old ones. I've also started the horrid chore of updating my email address on every website I have ever logged into... :( Man that part suck. But I think I got the important ones, bank, credit cards, cingular, and those pesky student loans... I guess i will worry about fixing the rest as they come in to the old account. Except the spam of course. :) So now its onwards and upwards with my own www!!! "Hold on to you butts."

Cleaned up around here

Aaaahh.. much better. I deleted all the random test posts that were cluttering things up. Makes the place look a lot nicer. Also I have purchased my own domain name. So with in the next few days I'll be moving to . Not that anyone has ever seen my blog in any of its three locations... ;) I got a great deal on hosting through . Check it out if you want a www of your very own. :)

Moved servers

Well I moved this blogger version of batcave from batcave to blackhole. I mostly did it to see how easy it would be. It's pretty easy.. :) Now just to decide which blog to actually use... :(

Mobile blog tests

Well email blogging works just fine. I found a nifty little program for my ppc that allows me to add and edit blog entires offline. It does not allow you to delete current entries nor put a subject/title on the post. (as you can see from the test post bellow) The program itself takes up quite a bit of space too. So the only thing i would use it for would be to edit existing posts on the go. It probably isn't going to be worth the waste of ppc memory.

Spoffed my blog on blogger!

Well I managed to pretty much duplicate my personal blog on blogger. Had to spend a bit with the blogger template trying to get it adapted to my CSS and figure out some of the strange blogger code. But all in all i'm pretty impressed. There are alot of cool tools and additional services that might actually make blogger easier to use than my own blog. And it is definatly more portable. Just log in to blogger and change the server you want it published to. Pretty amazing. So now the question is, do I use blogger as my primary blog or use the one i sepent hours and hours setting up (includes server setup)? Oh well, i'll worry about it later. Gotta get to work now.