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I got the complete Batman: The Animated Series dvd box set! I soooo excited!

Merry Christmas


It's staring at me...

Good morning Dave...


Today I go nowhere that doesn't involve warm blankets...

Spectacular Spider-man

I've really been enjoying the newest Spider-man cartoon, Spectacular Spider-man. It is probably the best Spidey cartoon in quite some time, if not every. It is based off of the Ultimate Spider-man universe (Just like the new movies). The show is set while Peter is in high school, just after he becomes Spider-man. (The show starts with him being bitten by the spider.)

At the same time the new toys for the show are great. I love the look of them and they are very well built. This is the first superhero toy line in quite some time that I have wanted to even get all the villains. They are really cool looking. I don't know if it is the design of the show or the toys or maybe a bit of both. Either way, I like it. :)

Which makes me pretty excited about the possible new Ironman show by the same team. Could be cool.

Happy non-denominational winter solstice celebration!

(click to enlarge)

This is an actual holiday greeting sent out from a real company... Eesh...

*This post is in no way an actual post. Any resemblance of the letters here in to actual words (English or otherwise) is merely coincidental. Not actual message was intended to be conveyed.

Now with more frosting!!

If it is gonna winter I wish it would just go ahead and do it. This, layer after layer of slippery frozen mist, is gettting rather irritating...

tee hee

in bed.

Total geek space heater...

So it is cold here... Very cold. So in and attempt to keep my office warm, I did what any good geek would do. I fired up my space heater. :D

Welcome to my Monday...

I didn't have dinner last night so I thought I would start the day off with some tasty biscuits and gravy... This is what I got... Notice anything missing?

Oh noes... we got snowes.

Of course it will all be gone tomorrow but whatever. :)

I gave up.

After months of wasting gas trying to find the new wave 10 gi joe toys I gave up and ordered them online. Along with waves 11 and 12 which had not showed up here either. Oh and the new dvd packs.
They got here yesterday!

Yes we can.



mmmm... mices taste good!

Ugh... The coldness is here.

Better than the hotness tough. :D

This is Pavel.

He is a fishy. He lives on our mantle.

The festival begins!

We arrived earlier and began the meandering. :)

GI Joe collectors creepy?

Yeah, kinda.
I wouldn't go as far as to say creepy on a hot wheels collector level but some of them are rather "intense".
I've had GI Joe toys all my life. Some of my first toys. They were a LOT cheaper than Transformers and were pretty cool to play with. Neat weapons and vehicles and a cool TV show to boot. But with the end of the 80's so came the end of GI Joe, or mostly. The toy line and show petered out for the most part. There were a few lines over the years since. Not all that successful, until recently. I want to say it started slightly before Sigma 6 There was a new line with slightly different design. Less Joe style more super hero style. The toy design that is. I guess it was pretty big with the collectors and based on their input the toys slowly moved back to more of the original design. Ball joint hips and swivel waste and such. I got a few of these here and there. Just my favorite character or 2, not a lot.
Then the new cartoon, Sigma 6. …

Wolvie & Forge

Alastria found these at Toys R Us yesterday. From what we have seen the line also includes Ultimate Nick Furry and Captain America, Mr. Fantastic and Thing, and Electra and Ronin.
It is nice to actually see a new Forge toy after so many years and as an added bonus Wolverine is actually a new mold. Not just the same one retooled yet again.
Each figure also comes with another set of hands and another head. Which is great for Wolvie, as you can now "retract" his claws and put on a happy face (ok, not happy. just not fangs exposed.)
Only down side is that they both still use those stupid at an angle hip joints... You just shouldn't have to twist the leg three different directions just to lift it.

Over all these are great looking and pretty good playing toys.

New Universe and the missing Joe.

On one of those "let's stop by Walmart on the way home" kinda trips, I was lucky enough to find the single G. I. Joe character I was missing. I didn't pick him up quick enough the first time around.
Fortunately, Alastria decided to look up as we left the isle and saw the new wave of TF:Universe toys! So I picked up Ironhide, Sideswipe, and Silverstreak (not pictured). Ironhide is very cool. The transformation is like no other transformer I've ever seen. Very complex but works very well.
Very cool stuff!

Flaming Sushi!!

ooooo... Pretty.

Lucky trip to Joplin

Awsome finds. I am one of maybe 3 people in the state to have found these new jets!
Alastria found that the Target in Joplin had "limited" stock so she called and asked if they would hold us one of each while we drove down. Glad she did because that was all they had when we got there.
Also found the super rare HISS tank while we were down there. Bonus!

The new habit... er I mean hobby.

I, like many others, loved G.I. Joe as a kid. I had G.I. Joe around a full 2 to 3 years before Transformers came out. And they were cheap, comparatively speaking. Needless to say I had a lot of years invested in playing G.I. Joe and a fair ammount of toys. Mostly figures as they vehicles were much more expensive.

So a year or so ago when I first saw the new 25th anniversary line launched I thought they were prety cool but didn't get any. After time I decided to pickeup a few of my favorites, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. I never opened them as they seemed really hard to find. Noting that I did buy a few more of my favorite characters over time but no where near all of them. Then something happened. I had opened Snake Eyes that came with Timber some time ago and thought it was pretty cool but eeh. For some reason I decided to open a few more of them. I mean, what is the point of buying toys if you aren't going to play with them? That makes you a "collector" …

What a busy weekend...

It happens on this weekend every year. What happens you ask? EVERYTHING!!!
Well, ok. Everything that I ever want to see in this town. :)

The Japanese Fall Festival, Blues Fest, and the Ozarks Celebration Festival. All at the same time. We usually skip the Blues fest because it is so expensive and really requires you to dedicate an entire day to it alone. We always manage to hit the other two festivals though. Fortunately this year the Blues fest moved to a new location and i could hear it pretty well from our house. Nice. hehe.

But for now the Blues, Bluegrass and Japanese Tyko weekend is over for another year. Hopefully I can relax some next weekend. :D

We now return you to your regularly scheduled food, music, and culture. ;)

Japanese Fall Fest

I took a few videos of the Tyko drummers at this year's Japanese Fall Festival.
It was pretty fun. A bunch of us went on Friday night for the candle light walk then back again on Saturday for the drummers and to see everything in the daylight. :)

Blitzwing anyone?

Wow. I stunbled across mine last week at a Walmart but looks like they are out in force now.

I also picked up Universe Galvatron and Acid Storm as well as Animated Sentinel Prime and Swoop. I passed on the Elite Guard Bumblebee for now. Probably won't get him.

I'll try to gets some pics up later. Been really busy recently.

Royal Flush

Hmmm... a few plumbing problems at work today. :)

Gah.. why must youtube make all video look like crap?


Why does it always have to be B.A.T.s?

Obi-Wan says...

go see The Clone Wars.

PEZ Kitteh

Alastria took the picture... I edited it. :)

Up, up, and ummm... thatta way...


Bear wayne becomes...

Batbear! The not so dark knight...

Alastria took me on my first trip to Build-A-Bear. It was fun. :)

Gasp... Wheeze...

Glad I drove the car that has AC today. ;)
And this is at almost 6:00PM.

The heat wave continues...

The best just keeps getting better...

Cause it's too hot, too hot lady...

Especially with the humidity running between 60 and 80%... esh.

1900BC... world's oldest fart joke.

Breaking news about breaking wind: the world's oldest joke is a one-liner about flatulence, researchers say.

Check out the link for more. :)

Rucky numba Sirteen...

wish my chinese food.

The best is yet to come...


More concert pics

I hope to have some from the camera with zoom sometime soon...

Weird Al is awsome!

Live! From the Weird Al concert.

Here we are. 14 minutes til show time. Sooooo exciting!

Zombie Harmony

lols. :)

Sunstreaker says...

Awsome suit you have there Iron Man but it's still no match for my astonishing paint job.

Marvel Crossovers!

So Alastria did a bit of shopping today after she got off work. Look what I found waiting for me when I got home!

Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-man, and Vemon. Tony Stark constructed battle suits derived from alien technology. Somewhat weak back story but they toys look prety cool. Better than the lame story behind the Star Wars Transformers. :D

Interesting promotion...

Can I get a rain check? ;)

oooo creepy...

That's the biggest brown recluse I've ever seen. We feed him a fly. :)


go see the dark knight

All hail! Megatron!