What a small world...

Today was a blast. The booths were cool, soooooooooo many toys. The costumes were great. And the people were cool. It is nice to be totally surrounded by fellow geeks and freaks every now and then.
What is even funnier is that we know this guy. Alastria sold him a computer years ago. Then we kept running into him at renaissance fairs. And then what do you know... This tie fighter pilot walks up to us and pulls off his helmet... hehe. So we hung out with the Star Wars crew for a bit at the end of the day. Pretty fun guys.

After the con we got some snacky food and headed back to the hotel to play with our loots. (I'll post pics later. Light is already out and so is Alastria. lol)
Tomorrow I think we will head back to the con and see if any of the booths restocked anything then we're off to the zoo!
Night all. ;)


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