WOW!! So after we got the hotel straightened out and had some dinner we decided to try to hit a few stores before they close. Stupid timezone chabge put us an hour behind... So we drove to the nearest Toys R Us, now a Deals store.. Doh.
So from there it was off to the nearest Target. No luck there. Raced back to Big K with 8 minutes to spare. Nope. Then over to the Walmart across the street.
Thre he was. Transformers Animated Bulkhead! They had 3 of him but nothing else.. But that was ok, at least I know they really are out. But wait.. I walked past pallets of boxes on the way down the isle.. YES! The had the deluxe and voyager classes as well as the DVD two pack! I got them all! Deluxe Optimus Prime, Prowl, Bumblebee, and Lockdown. Voyager Bulkhead, Starscream, and Cybertron mode Megatron. Plus the DVD two pack.
Soooooo awsome! I'll post pictures later. We are having breakfast right now then off to Botcon!


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