What a day.

So yeah... I never got around to posting again today. :) Botcon was just too overwhelming. The huge line actually moved pretty fast. Of course, I may have not ben paying too much attention to it. I have never seen this many crazy Transformers fans in one spot. It was totally unbelievable. The people all seemed very nice. Total strangers were willing to start up a conversation with you or share information or what ever. All because of the power of Transformers. :) I find it funny sometimes how certain things can bring total strangers so close together. Most of my "con" experience has been Star Trek related and I usually enjoy a similar sensation there. But this... It some how seemed much more. I must say that I think people are more passionate about Transformers than Star Trek. Of course that may very well have something to do with the renewed popularity of Transformers. Star Trek really hasn't been that big for some time now. Honestly, there are bigger Battle Star Galactica and Stargate people at the Trek cons these days.
This was truly an amzing experience. It also made me realize that I am not truly as hard core a fan as many others. There were people in there spending thousands (yes, thousands) of dollars on old Transformers toys or the Japanese versions of they toys we already have.
I guess that is the part I just can't get into. I have a bunch of old Transformers. With every new show and every new toy line they just keep getting better (most of the time anyway). I am really into the new Transformers toys. I guess I only recently got into the "collecting" habit. But I stil don't just go buy em all. Most of them though. Lol
I buy the ones I like. And that is usually most of them and maybe even a fewof the repainted versions if they look cool enough. Of course I actually open most of mine as well. What the hell good is a Transformers if you can't transform it?? There are those special few that I will actually buy a second one of because it is just so darn cool. ;)
Of course saying all of this I did just buy aaall of they new animated toys :D Which I will probably open all of.
That is one thing I really liked about today. At the comic con we went to a few weeks ago there were people buying comic books and super hero toy but they mostly carted them off in bags and boxes to forever horde them away in a closet. There were a few people sitting around looking at their comics but not a lot. At botcon ther were people sitting all over the floor opening and playing with their new/new old Transformers toys. It has been a long time since I've seen so many people so happy. So many people having so much fun. Words really can't describe the feeling. It is how I wish the entire world could be. It was truly beautiful. The looks on peoples faces. Whatching them find that perfect toy or long lost part to complete their collection. People of all ages, genders, cultures... All brought together because of a toy. Crazyness.
That was one other thing that was a total shock to me. There were just as many girls there as guys. Infact all of the people with Transformer costumes, save one, were female.
Another thing I found so cool was a mom (probably mid thirties) and her son (little sister was there also) shopping and talking Transformers. They set down beside us in the floor to eat their lunch. I figured that mom had brough her son to the con.. But then I noticed her Transformers necklace. Then she proceded to tak to her son about what she and seen so far and what toys she thought that she wanted to get and that she would help him but this one item but not that other and so on. She was not only here for her son but herself as well.
Again... I am just truly amazed at how one of my favorite toys in the world can truly bring people together on such a wonderful level.

So now.. On with the show. :D


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