At last... The loot!

1. Two Japanese Micro Man Batman toys. One if normal Batman looking while the other is very anime/mecha.
2. From the second series of DC Direct Batman/Superman line.
3. Batman and Superman from brand new Justice League line and a Superman from a new line based off the Super Friends TV show! Looks very cool. Only had Superman so I will need to look for the rest.

Part 2 is coming. I am posting this from my mobile phone so limited to 300k per message. :)


Tommy! said…
Thanks for posting the pix. I didn't know they made a line of SUPERFRIENDS figures, those look cool! I'll have to see if they made a Batman & Robin one. That would be cool.

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Thanks, Tommy
Jason Lee said…
The Super Friends line includes Superman, Batman, Flash, and Wonder Woman. So unfortunately no Robin. :( Hopefully this will be popular enough for them to release another wave or two. I would love to see a Robin and Green Lantern. :D

I've checked one of my local Vintage Stock but didn't find any there. I was hoping to find them as I bought Superman from the Vintage Stock booth at the Comic con. Might have to hit the internet for these...

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