The end of an era...

I received an email today from Blogger informing me that as of March 26th they will no longer support FTP blog publishing. My blog has been powered by Blogger since 2004 and FTPed to my hosting service.

I really don't know exactly what I plan to do. This site can remain exactly as it is but I will no longer be able to update it via Blogger. For the time being I plan to move this blog over to Google supports custom domains and such but I'm not really sure I want to continue to use Blogger after this change. I will loose all of my custom sub-pages and a whole lot of customization ability.

The same goes for the Istari blog. I will be moving it over to

I may at some point use the custom domain option to redirect batcaveweb to the Blogger server but I doubt it. I will probably have to start from scratch and move to some custom content system. However, I really don't use my blog all that much these days so who knows when I will get around to doing that, if ever.
Unfortunatly the move to blogspot hosting will pretty much require a complete redesign of my blog. I will most likley just pick one of the Blogger templates for now just to ease the pain. All of my sub pages and such will still be here at
Also note that my RSS feed will change as well. The current feed will still be here but no longer updated. You will need to visit the new Batcave on blogspot to get the new feed.

So in the mean time you can keep up with me at the following locations:

Facebook -
Twitter -
The new/temp Batcave -

It is rather sad. I've used this blog in basically this format since 2004...

So here it is... The last post ever on the batcave as it is today...

Catch ya later..


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