Well, I've ordered it. Bluetooth GPS

I place my order today. Shouls ship in 2-3 days. I payed the extra $8 to have it overnighted just to make sure it is here before our trip to Boston. It will be a great chance to play with it.

It comes with a free vent mount but i'm not exactly sure it will work with the vents in my 1969 El Camino... LOL So I also opted for the windshield mount arm. Besides the vents are always the first thing to break on a car. I really don't want to hang my phone/ppc from the vent in the Corvette either. :) So the extra $9.99 will be well worth it.

I'll let you know how it goes after i get it and get to play with it a bit. :D YAY!!!

Update: ok.. The 2-3 days to ship turned out to be more like 2-3 hours. hehe... So it may be here as soon as tomorrow. :D


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