Getting ready for Boston

Alastria and I are going to Boston to visit her friend for a week. We fly out this Sunday so we will be there in time for the huge six day 4th party!
Should be pretty cool. Will also be my first time flying. :)

I just need to figure out what gadgets I need and which power cables to take. :D
This will be a Pocket PC only trip. So far I've got:

  • Pocket PC phone, Siemens sx66
  • Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard
  • Stowaway Bluetooth mouse
  • Veo 1.3MP SD camera
  • Bluetooth GPS
  • USB sd card reader for emergency data exchange ;)
  • Moto Bluetooth headset
  • Extra SD card loaded with music (ebooks, games and maps are on the main card)
  • Power cords for all
Which brings me to the question, will there be power outlets on the plane? If there are I would guess the lighter kind like in your car and not the wall type. But we are flying cheep so probably none. :)
So do I bother taking car chargers for everything or just the wall chargers?
I guess I'll take my Gameboy SP just in case. That battery will last through the flight. :)

Stay tuned for live updates from Boston.


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