Vacation delayed due to rain...

Boy, when it rains in Boston it sure rains. :) 3 inches so far. It was raining when we got up this morning but only sprinkling when we set out.
We went to the Peabody museum on Harvard's campus. It is the oldest anthropological museum in the United States. It's not just limited to that. There is also a huge natural history section. They have hundreds of plants, animals and minerals on display. Even dinosaur bones and meteorites.

So even though we got soaked walking to lunch we just had to grin and bear it... ;)
Speaking of lunch, we ate at Bartley's, yet another of Boston's world famous placed to eat. It is a burger joint with burgers over an inch thick. That's just the meat... All of the burgers are named after famous people like the Dick Channey or the Janet Jackson. I had the Mr. Jack Bartley, a basic bacon cheese burger. I remember seeing this place on one of those PBS food travel shows.


Anonymous said…
Is he related to Humperdink?
Jason Lee said…
He very well might be. He was stuffed also. ;)

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