I have a friend who is hiking from mexico to canada. (yeah, he's nuts) He has his old mobile phone which will work as GSM or TDMA so he has some kind of coverage almost everywhere. He is also keeping an online journal as he travels, usually involves stoping somewhere along the way, snail-mailing then to a family member to put up or through his mobile phone. I don't thing he even tried the phone. Doubt he has data service most places.

I'm not sure how he stumbled upon this device but the idea is pretty cool and perfect for his situation.

The pocket mail device is like a really simple handhelp pda. It has some basic pim stuff and email. The cool part is how it sends and recieves email. You type all your email when ever and respond and all that then send/recievce when ever you can. Through any phone. No, not dialup.. It works more like a fax machine. There is a speaker and a fold out mic on the back of the device that you place aginst the phone and it beeps whistles and screaches the data in and out... There are special numbers you dial to get to their server. You wait for the tone, hold your device to the phone and press the button. It works with mobile phones, payphones, any phone! This is a really cool idea. And since the device is so simple it will run for 2 months on 2 AA batteries!!! This is prefect for him.
Now he can email and type his journals every night and send them when ever he has mobile phone signal or anywhere he comes across a payphone!
You can even control your server side setting from the device, clear mail, and even check any other pop, imap, or some internet email accounts (you do have to setup these other accounts from the web though). Poclet mail has a web interface to use from a desktop and you can recieve mail via pop from them!

This really isn't something i would ever use but it is a really cool idea.


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