Last day recap

I never got time to post about what we did on our last day in Boston. After Ashlea got of work we headed down to the science center. It was really cool. There were tons of hands on experiments and exhibits. I got to build a car and see how fast it would race down a hill, play with lasers and mirrors, flash our shadows on to a wall, watch a lady play with electricity, play with optical illusions... The place was huge. We didn’t actually get through all of it before it closed.
After that we went back down town for dinner and last minute shopping.

Since they blew up London yesterday all security is on high alert. They would make announcements on the subway every few minutes telling you to watch out for strange people or unattended packages and report them immediately to an official. The airport was full of gaurds and police. Even the cleaning staff were walking around everywhere keeping an eye out. It may have been wores because we took off from the same terminal where the international flights arrive.

So far the flight back has been really cool. Since it was raining when we left Boston the first few thousand feet up were in solid clouds. But then we broke through and it looked like Antarctica. We actually few over Toronto Canada.

Blogger was being a pain with pictures so I'll just email this post up when we land in Minneapolis and try to delete the double post from before take off.

We've finnished passing over the great lakes so we should be landing soon.


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