Twikini version 1.0 released!

The entire reason I started using Twitter if the first place was to have an excuse to play with the many clients available for Windows Mobile. I have a thing for good software. :)

After quite some time I thought I had finally settled on a Twitter client for my phone... Until I saw a news post about this great new Twitter client called Twikini. I'll admit, the name put me off a bit at first but it looked nice and claimed to be fast (which my current Twitter client was far from) so I gave it a try.
Having only used Twikini for a day I was convinced. It was FAST and just had that feel of really well written software. It was a joy to use.

Twikini's feature set is truly amazing, there are far too many to go into here but I'll touch on a few I really like.

Inline display of Twitpic pictures!
This is a great feature and a true time saver. Most of the time a quick thumbnail view is all you really need to get the gist of someone's Twitpic post. For those times when you need more you can still click the link or the picture to view the full Twitpic page in your browser.

Just look at all these options you get while posting a tweet!
You can update your location by typing into the box or by using the GPS built into your phone. What's even better is you can enter your GPS lat & lon or have it translated to an actual street address! And boy is it accurate.
You can also post photos to Twitpic and use various URL shortening services.

The features don't stop there:

  • Full support for Direct Messages, inbox and sent folders.

  • Follow and unfollow users.

  • Delete your own tweets if you make an oopsie.

  • View users profiles and timelines.

  • Jump directly to any user, if your following them or not.

  • View the large version of a users pic.

  • And so much more!

Head on over to Trinket Software's site and check it out:

I have tested it on both Windows Mobile 5 and 6.

Twikini is, by far, the best Twitter client out there for Windows Mobile.
Give it a go, you won't regret it.


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