Security fail...

So the entire reason we drove all the way to Joplin was to buy Alastria a new laptop. The Best Buy in Springfield didn't have any in stock. But Joplin did.

As an added bonus it turned out to be $250 cheaper than we anticipated!

So as we are checking out the computer asks the lady to call the credit company. I expected as much. Large amount of money and in the next town over I also received a txt message and an email at the same instant from the credit company saying for me to call them immediately.


Anyway, turn out that my card number might have been stolen recently in a hacking incident and they had a close watch on the account. After they verified it was actually me the allowed the transaction and asked if they could close the account and express me a new card... Umm... Ok.

Probably for the best but now I've gotta change a whole lot of online billing. Hehe. Oh wells. Nice to know they are looking out for me... Well, actually covering their own ass... But saved me a potential heap of trouble.


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