Spectacular Spider-man

I've really been enjoying the newest Spider-man cartoon, Spectacular Spider-man. It is probably the best Spidey cartoon in quite some time, if not every. It is based off of the Ultimate Spider-man universe (Just like the new movies). The show is set while Peter is in high school, just after he becomes Spider-man. (The show starts with him being bitten by the spider.)

At the same time the new toys for the show are great. I love the look of them and they are very well built. This is the first superhero toy line in quite some time that I have wanted to even get all the villains. They are really cool looking. I don't know if it is the design of the show or the toys or maybe a bit of both. Either way, I like it. :)

Which makes me pretty excited about the possible new Ironman show by the same team. Could be cool.


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