Hulk Guuuud!

Just got done seeing the new Incredible Hulk movie. We've driving back home now. Sorry I didn't post whil in the movie. I was too busy watching it. ;)
Anyway, it was reallly good. Especially compared to the first one. This movie had a much better feel to it and was completely in line with the Ultimate comics, just like every other recent Marvel movie.
While it wasn't as good as Iron man it is a definite must see and an excellent tie-in with the push toward the Avengers movie. While it had the required Stan Lee cameo and a lot of those little comic fan inside jokes/references the movie did have a much more serious feel to it. Which is good. The older Hulk (and now the newer) Hulk comics have always had a much darker feel to them. Much of the comics focused on the lonelyness and almost hoplessness of Bruce's situation. I think the movie did a good job of touching on that while not dwelling on it, thus bringing the whole story down.
I also think they ended it quite well. It left things in a god place. It wrapped up all of the story dynamics and left things in an open enough state to flow nicely into the Avengers line. I was happy with the ending, it did not leave me wanting more.
Oh and the bit they usually put after the credits was before the credits this time. I think they did that because too many people missed the bit after Iron man. Marvel really wants to drive the fact home that while these may be separate movies they are all tied together.

Good stuff. Go se it.


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