Fashion?! trends.

Really... What the hell is wrong with some people? I have noticed this rising trend over the last few months. More and more I see girls on campus wearing those ridiculous rubber boots... You know, the ones like your mom forced you to wear when you were 6 and you go so laughed at?

Yeah these...

Today this hit an all time high. It has been pouring down rain for the last day or so. Every female I passed waling in to work to day was wearing a pair. And the most impressive part? Not a single pair like any other. Is there some kind of organized campus wide rubber boot buying organization just to make sure everyone has a different color and pattern?? Or do they just make that many? The worst part is that I have been seeing these long before it started raining...

So.. While on the topic of "what the hell were they thinking" fashion trends.
WTF is the deal with these STUPID bug-eyed sunglasses everyone is wearing? Do they not realize how stupid they look??

All I gotta say is, what is wrong with you people!?!?
I mean geez... At least Willy Wonka make them look good. ;)

I honestly have to suppress laughter every time I walk past one of these goof balls walking around campus. The rubber boots are just silly and I only noticed it because 98.337% of every female on this campus happens to be wearing a pair today but the sunglasses have been freakin me out for months now.
They were interesting when they were like retro 70's big shades but now?? Elton John had better taste. Man...


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