Transformers Movie toys are OUT!!!

TF Movie toys

I went out Friday night after midnight to 2 different Walmart stores. The first was still working on stocking the toy dept. No Transformers even out on the pallets yet.
Went to a second Walmart and they had all their stuff out. I got leader Prime, Ironhide, Rachet, and Starscream.

Saturday I went to Target early and found they were just now stocking it (they night guys were supposed to before they left but didn't) so I got first dibs on everything. :)
Picket up the Robo Vision Prime, both Softimus Prime and Slumble Bee (Slumble Bee was for the wife), and also grabbed the Fast Action Battlers Prime just to see what those toys were like. I haven't opened him yet but I probably won't get anymore of those.

Then I headed over to Toys R Us and picked up the Legends Optimus (since I already bought every other size OP) and Bonecrusher.

I already had both Proto Forms, Barricade, Bumblebee and Jazz.

So, over all I bought way too much.. But hey.. I will get them all eventually anyway, right? ;)


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