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Transformers Animated poster

Yes, the next Transformers cartoon is almost upon us.

I must admit I was a little worried when I heard that the Teen Titans people would be designing the new cartoon. But then I heard that the Legion of Superheros writers would be involved. That is a pretty good show.
Now that the toy pics and previews of the show out I really don't feel so bad about it all.

I think the new show will be more like G1 than ever before. Characters like Arcee and Grimlock look exactly like their G1 selves. Optimus also looks very close. I love all the little G1 things they have slipped into the show.
Most of all I love this little Orion Pax reference they have in the first episode or so.

Orion Pax


New prime toy

Plus all these people complaining about the art. Transformers was anime to begin with... What is so wrong about it being the new anime (american-anime) now?

I think the show will do very well. What with riding on the coat tails of the movie and the popularity of Teen Titans, and the like, I think this show will appeal to a wider audience than any TF cartoon since G1.

I really don't see how these "Die hard TF fans" can truly call themselves fans when they REFUSE to like anything but the original G1 show/toys. Things change people. If Transformers did not change it would would not be where it is today. I would be only a memory in the minds of those "die hard TF fans". ;) Transformers will be cool no matter what form they take.. I mean come on... they are Transformers after all.

I myself cannot wait for the new show and new toys. :D


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