Welll crap...

So we go out for dinner last night and decide to do a little shopping afterwards. We hit the usual places, Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart. Alastria was wanting to show me the new The Dark Knight Batmobile she found at walmart on he way home from work. We hit the stores in driving order. Toys R Us first. Nothing new there, except for the fact they FINALLY have freakin Wiis in stock. Unfortunately we cannot get one yet as I need to pay off the TV we bought to play it on. lol

On to Target. I stumbled across the new Star Wars Transformer I had been waiting for. Obi Wan's Jedi star fighter with the cool hyper drive ring around the front but I had to put it back. About that time I hear a huge gasp from the other end of the isle. When I look down, Alastria is franticlly grabbing at things... They just happened to stock one case of the new TF:Animated wave 3 deluxe figures. So we got one of each. Jazz, Snarl, Soundwave, and Oilslick. Very cool. Jazz has always been one of my favorite characters and this new toy is just amazing.

Anyway, on to Walmart. Of course... they also have a Wii in stock. Damnit! On to the toy isle. They had one row of the older TF:Animated deluxe figure and while I was browsing through them I am interrupted with yet another gasp followed shortly by a "Holy crap!".
This time I turn to look and she is hauling this huge ass box from the lower shelf. I had actually forgotten about this guy. Yep, Supreme class Optimus Prime. He is almost 2 feet tall with lots of lights and sound.

So now I think the onl TF:Animated toys that have been spotted in the wild that I don't have are the Leader class Megatron and Bulkhead.

Oh and this walmart didn't have that Batmobile that she brought me out to see in stock... Oh well.. maybe next time. ;)


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