Well that was fun...

You've seen the posts I've made about the weather over that last few days. 9 degrees one day 74 a few days later. Most of us also knows what happens when we slam warm moist air into really cold air...

Yep... 12 hours of none stop tornado and severe thunder storm warnings... And not much sleep.

It all started between 16:00 and 17:00 Monday night. The tornado sirens started going off as I got to my car to head home. Of course I only have an AM radio in the El Camino and the speaker is currently not hooked up... Fortunately my phone's data connection is fast enough to stream internet radio. :) I still had plenty of time so I headed home.

The first wave all went to the north side of town.. Alastria and I sat out on the back deck and watched the light show. That was crazy nuts. Not long after she started dinner the second wave started through. That round got pretty nuts. Funnel clouds spotted a few blocks to either side of us. Fortunately nothing ever touched down.

Basically this continued throughout the night so we finally took the weather radio to bed and sleep to the sound of tornado sirens and the news guy spouting off warnings as fast as they were coming in. Then about 3:00 the shit hit the fan again. We had gotten used to the sirens by now, it was the wind that woke us up. Again fortunately the 100 mph winds didn't do much to us but stuff to the north east of us didn't fair so well. Roofs gone, houses destroyed, animals lost... and 2 people dead.

This is where it gets really screwed up. A 53 year old couple was in the process of evacuating their trailer home. The husband had backed the car out when his wife went back into the trailer to get their dog from the back bed room. He ran into the front door to hurry her up. As she was running down the hall toward him the tornado hit the trailer. He described it as the trailer exploded... His wife was killed instantly... Right there in front of him, running down the hall. He survived.

This kinda shit is only supposed to happen in movies...

Times like this you realize how fortunate you are.

This was the extent of our "damage".

The grill normally sets in the corner of the deck. The winds pushed it about a meter. It has wheels on the back legs but it is not that easy to move without tilting the front up.

So far all the people I know came though alive with houses in one piece.

See ya next time.


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